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Does it matter which side the strap is on

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  • Does it matter which side the strap is on

    Last edited by Stephen; 10-19-2019, 09:10 PM.

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    Hi Stephen, welcome.
    The same happens to me, but with my left side. Many times I need to realize what I'm doing and switch to the opposite leg, in order to get a balanced tugging.
    Tugging more to one side is sometimes useful when you want to fix some unevenness in your skin (one side shorter than the other due to e.g. a butchered circumcision).
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      Intuitively, it seems to make "sense" to switch sides to "balance things out" but I really don't think it matters.

      Although I switch sides occasionally, I do this mainly for comfort. Sometimes I get chaffing if I tug from one side too long but I go back to my preferred side (the right) after the chaffing goes away and FWIW, after all of my years of tugging in this way, I haven't noticed any excessive skin growth to the right (or left for that matter).


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        Skin growth is slow enough also that if you even notice some unevenness, you will have more than enough time to take corrective action. You won't just wake up with a lopsided foreskin one day.
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