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How to Counter Puffy Skin/Identify the Cause?

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  • How to Counter Puffy Skin/Identify the Cause?

    What should the skin look like after 5 hours of RTM?

    I ask because: the right side of my inner skin (just below the head) is usually quite puffy after I remove everything.

    It is as if the vein in that location puffs up under the skin - I do not know why this occurs. Recently, this same phenomenon has sometimes occurred on the left side as well. It is always sensitive afterwards, but not painful.

    The puffiness goes down after a couple hours; faster if I moisturize and soak my penis in a hot washcloth.

    I use the Nexcare waterproof foam tape. I am not aware of any allergies, or irritation. I also make sure there is no pinching or itching.

    Should I tape it up while erect, or flaccid? Does it matter how tightly the skin is “reversed” against the glans?

    Thanks for any input or suggestions.

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    Puffy skin is almost always a sign of too much tension. You must be using way too much because I never have had that even when I was using too much tension.


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      I do not feel any pain or discomfort with the tension on, though. That is why I am confused as to what could be causing this.

      How do you determine if too much tension is being used if there is no sensation indication?


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        Oh, you're using RTM! No wonder! It's probably due to a circulation issue causing fluid to pool because the RTM does have a lot of additional pinching. Did you have this problem when you were using a device? Does your skin get cold?


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          That sounds like a valid prognosis! I did not think of that.

          Does the fluid pooling indicate a dangerous condition?

          While using RTM, what would be a good strategy to ensure proper circulation? I generally only wear it for 5 or less hours per day. As if this wasn't tricky enough!

          Also, I do not have a device, but I have not had this problem with other manual techniques.

          Thanks again!


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            I would get a device. Folding your foreskin backwards over something seems like it would create a baggy end. A device like the TLC X is much smaller and you wouldn't have to worry about circulation.


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              I am currently relying on manually tugging such as RTM due to a device being out of the budget. This guy didn’t seem to get a baggy end:

              I know that circulation is indeed critical, but can fluid pooling in the tissue cause injury?