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    One of the nice features of the new forum is being able to check who's online at any given time. I am amazed how many guests are lsted. Literally pages! This is evidence that more and more people are learning about restoration and the damage circumcision does, but I have a piece of advice for those guest viewers.
    CREATE A USER ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN INTERACT WITH US. I know a lot of you have questions and that's what this forum is for.......educating people.

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    Not all guests are non-members. I am usually too lazy to log in unless I plan on posting and assume there must be others doing the same.


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      I agree with you, parsec. It would be great that those anonymous visitors could interact with us, be able to see the progress galleries, and ask any question they may have.
      From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.


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        Exactly! I can, however, see why a lot of people don't sign up. They don't really believe A: that it's possible, and B: that circumcision is damaging. One thing is for sure. The intactivist movement is working and this is a sign that it is.