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    Well my story is a long one but i'll try and condense it a bit. So anyway, i got into foreskin restoration right before my son was born 21 yrs ago. There wasn't much info at the time, but i did find a Yahoo group and a few other sites like NORM when i began which helped a lot. I even was an early "intactivist" and was passing out material sent to me by a member, i can't remember his name, in hospitals and pub toilets. . I got into it because i was looking up info as my son was about to be born and i was skeptical about having him cut. The info i found astounded me. I bought Wayne Griffiths book and started tugging with a canister method. Months later my son was born and i convinced my wife to bring him home intact. I was soooo happy, and a bit However, my wife was still unsure about her end of the decision, and started asking around to her friends and family. ALL of course convinced her that it SHOULD be done as all their sons were cut. 3-4 months later i came home and my wife had gone and had my beautiful baby boy cut. I was furious to say the least and it caused much tension in our relationship. She thought my restoration attempt was idiotic, and would make slurs from time to time but i kept it up for about 4 years. I quit out of frustration, being tightly cut, and slow progress. At the time i was using home made Foreballs, canister method, taping, and an old R2K/ 4 restore device but it was a hassle to keep on even though i modified it to a tapeless device. When i did quit i had quite a lot of bunching behind the head, and some rollover when sitting. That was something like17 yrs ago.

    Fast forward to today, and I said , fuck it, I'm going for it again and bought a DTR. Funny though, back in the day we were all experimenting with home made devices and i had come up with something very similar to the TLC. I'm sure all of our efforts back then were making progress in developing a better commercial type device that you see available today . I even actually invented several weird things from found parts, but they were rarely comfy. I even had built a web site back in the day to show off my ideas and progress, but took it down when i fell out with restoring.. Anyway, It's glad to be back and after one week of using the DTR i am seeing results. I guess the big break and gaining loose skin, and well as my fetish with ball stretching paid off, because I'm having stellar results already. Ball stretching has given me a little more skin to work with as i was VERY tighly cut to begin with, nearly to my testicles.

    PS. my ex and i divorced when my son was about 10. I really think she felt guilty about having him done, and it probably even was at least one reason we fell apart. She never listened to me about most things really after that. I have brought up the issue with my son and he was not happy to learn what happened and fortunately forgave his mother, Maybe one day i convince him to restore as the doctors left him with quite a bit of skin and a frenulum thank God. Lastly i am now married to a VERY nurturing, loving wife and she supports me doing this. Maybe the positive vibes are helping as well.

    Peace, love, and light all!


    17 years off,. RE-starting point. About 4 years progress before the hiatus Ball stretching results and old 4 yr bunching results , Starting point for, 2018 One week DTR, and a cold Oct morning.  LETS DO THIS SHIT. Feels good to be back in the saddle

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    I remember your story, though I thought you used a different name then? Anyway, glad you are back and restoring again, welcome back!