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What is the Cl-# acronym?

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  • What is the Cl-# acronym?

    I may be missing it. I have looked in the gossory of terms and search all I know to. I have seen people saying they are Cl-2 or Cl-4. I gather it is a progress metric. One said they where Cl-3.5 with 67% FEC. I know what the latter is.

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    A number of years ago, a restorer created a webpage showing what he called the Coverage Index, or CI. It compared a bunch of photos showing various levels of foreskin coverage, and became widely used by other restorers measuring their progress.

    FEC stands for Forced Erect Coverage. If I remember right, the term was coined by Ron, the owner of these forums. As you might guess, it's the amount of the glans that can be covered when the skin is forced over it during an erection. For purposes of restoration, this might mean an unexpected erection while wearing a device wouldn't be painful.


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      There is also the Real Coverage Index, which expands on each level of the Coverage Index to help restoring men better quantify the stages.


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