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Coming back after 2 years of low effort

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  • Coming back after 2 years of low effort

    I am a 21 year old straight male, cut into the day after I was born. I was 17 when I learned about what it really meant, I was so devistated that it caused a lot of depression. I had a very tight one, so much that the hairy pubic skin would pull up about a third of the shaft length when erect. I tugged faithfully for about a year and a half, got to where sometimes while sitting and playing sports I would get a sudden roll over, it is suprising how warm and comforting that felt.

    Anyways, I had a two year period where I would never do more than a few days consistently every couple of months, I did not gain much, so now I am back at it, I am hoping to acheive full erect coverage, basically as much foreskin as possible. I will not post pictures, but I will lurk and try to encourage where I can. Tugging is like bodybuilding, sure it might take you years or decades to look really buff, but the real benefis are the slight improvements along the way of improved look and function, it is worth it.