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16 year old needing advice

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  • 16 year old needing advice

    Hi all,

    I recently learned about my circumcision and am eager to begin restoring, but don't know where to start. As a 16 year old student, what would you all recommend I do?

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    ‚ÄčAs a 16 year old, you are still in puberty, so an argument could be made to wait. While waiting you can still read and learn so that you are ready to go later.

    However, the process is pretty straightforward and easy to do. We apply tension to the skin we want to grow. The tension triggers cell division, which results in more skin. It can be as simple as pulling your skin at the scar line away from your body, for a few minutes each day. A typical regimen would be tugging 5 -10 minutes, holding each tug for say 90 seconds, and doing this a few times a day.

    A typical way people start is what I said above, or using cross taping. With cross taping, you simply apply tape in an "x" fashion over your glans, holding your skin across the glans as much as you can. Men typically wear this for longer periods, sometimes hours at a time. Cross taping is a good way to start as it is hard to injure yourself and it gets you used to wearing tape. People typically only cross tape for a few weeks to a few months, then switch to some other method.

    Some methods, such as devices, need you to have considerable skin to use them, so many people cannot use devices right away. Keep reading and asking questions and you will learn a lot and do well.



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      All depends on how tight you were cut. If you have enough loose skin you can go right into using a tapeless device. This link will give you an idea. A coverage index (CI) of at least CI2 IS needed.
      Also check out for more information.


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        See also
        -Ron Low
        [email protected]
        847 414-1692 Chicago


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          Hey, I'm 16 as well, and I began restoring a year ago. I would certainly recommend purchasing a full tugging device any way you can. I have been trying homemade techniques left and right, and the best way to save yourself a lot of work is to get something manufactured that you know will work.


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            For a inexpensive tape-less way to start would be to make a retainer out of a baby bottle nipple. For about $10 you can go to Target and buy a package of two or three bottle nipples that you can use like the cross tape method. They come in different sizes so you have to look to see which one will fit over your glans with enough room for skin pulled forward. Trim off the actual nipple portion and flange and you have a low profile device that is easy to put on and take off. This along with manual tugging will give you a good start. I've been using the BBN as a retainer for years.


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              Thank you all so much for the advice. I think I will begin with the method suggested by Jeffbhodapp and see where I am from there.


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                It's been almost a year now. How's the FR going?
                I hope the BB retainer works for you.