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  • Milestone crossed

    Hey y'all. I haven't been as active on the new forum. Sorry for that. I have remained pretty diligent with my regiment though. Yesterday morning I went skinny dipping in the ocean and it sure was cold. After I got out of the water I put on some loose fitting sweat pants. The point here is I maintained coverage for the ride home. It was inspiring. I am still working for resting full flaccid coverage. Time will tell!

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    Congratulations!, that's really inspiring. KOT!
    From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.


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      Awesome Acrys. How long have you been at this and how long was "the hump" stage for you. That's where I am now at a CI3.5 or so and it seems like I have been there for ever! Encouragement needed.


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        It's been about three years. Unfortunately I feel like rollover isn't getting any more frequent. If I wear underwear (only have tight ones) I have complete coverage. If I am not I normally experience it happen on its own when I sit down. It's frustrating because when I am standing up my penis pretty much looks the same as it has. I can see and feel that tugging really is doing something. I just don't know how much longer it will take, or if full flaccid coverage is still a realistic goal. Not giving up but I am ready for the next step!


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          Yeah just keep at it bro. It really is mind boggling just how much skin is removed. It takes time to grow it back.


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            Congratulations! I see full coverage after I go to the gym, but that's purely due to shrinkage. It always gives me something to look forward to when I am done my workout to see it, makes me excited for when I am actually done my journey.
            If I know one thing in life, The fastest way to success is through consistency. Thinking of stopping / need some motivation? PM me.

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