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Have/Will this cause growth?

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  • Have/Will this cause growth?

    I'm basically asking if my routine will cause growth, I'm just worried about not using enough tension.

    4-6 hours a day on average using the tension holdscrew (DTR).

    I believe iv been doing restoration 6 days a week consitently for a mont now, maybe alittle more.

    Is there a way to tell if what iv gained is all loosening or if there is any growth?

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    The first few weeks is probably mostly limbering things up. Now would a good time to make a baseline measurement of Forced Erect Coverage though and revisit it monthly.

    I am not a huge fan of fixed tension. Unlike with elastic tension, things in a fixed tension setup can shift a little and you'll lose some or all of your tension pretty easily. Rubber bands, straps, springs, even air tension will maintain a tension level even if there's some shifting/movement of your setup. At the very least, I would do hourly checkups of a fixed tension setup to make sure it's actually still tensioned.
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