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  • Shaving

    Since circumcision removes vital skin from our penis we tend to have hair growing on our shaft. I , daily or every other day, shave my pubic area. Starting at the base of my shaft and continue to the ball sack and the area between sack and anus. Also, it makes it more enjoyable when your partner performs oral sex. Does any one else shave? What are your thoughts on shaving.? You can see the area I shave in the Progress Gallery under Lowrider

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    Not me. My partner and like the naturally hairy look. We do not see it as something that inhibits sexual enjoyment, rather find the hair makes sexual enjoyment better. And, I note that many intact men have hair going up their shaft. If you and your partners prefer shaving, go for it. Not me.



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      I pluck the hair that grows on my shaft. Eventually this hair will recede as I grow more slack though. But for now I pluck my shaft about every 10 days. I also shave my scrotum with a regular face razor and groom the rest with a beard trimmer... I like being groomed... lots of guys do it, so keep doing what makes you feel good


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        I'm with Greg here. My partner and I both prefer the natural hairy look and only on occasion will trim our pubes. Most of the time we leave it natural.


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          No way, too itchy. Last time my junk was shaved was before hernia surgery. Itch and pain!


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            I made a video about shaving for restorers:
            -Ron Low
            847 414-1692 Chicago