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Sensitive patch of inner skin attached to frenulum??

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  • Sensitive patch of inner skin attached to frenulum??

    Hey gang, I’m hoping to get a lil information today about my cut. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe I have a fairly prominent frenulum remnant attached to a spot of inner skin. This spot is VERY sensitive, probably more so that my entire glans.
    One of my pics shows this spot stretched out.

    I’m wondering if I should try to stretch this patch of skin, but minimize stretching the fren. remnant?

    Thanks! 🙃

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    I am not sure exactly how you would do that, but sure, you should restore the way you would like.

    If you can figure out a way to apply tension to that area, in theory it will grow. the thing is, to apply tension to such a small area will more than likely mean applying tension to a wider area, so you will grow more than just that spot of skin. And, most men want the whole foreskin to grow so that it drapes over the glans, so doing that will also grow more of that spot as well, in proportion to the rest of the skin you are growing. I think I would simply restore, enjoying the fact that that spot is wonderfully sensitive, but not trying to do something with just that spot.