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Looking for feedback from those fully restored

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  • Looking for feedback from those fully restored

    I am interested to hear from those completely restored on the end result pros and cons. Would love to hear from those that have been restored for a long period of time too so I can get an idea on how much life is different now good or bad in certain ways now having foreskin. Anyone here have years of being restored that can chime in? Trying to get more feedback before starting this journey.


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    Although I'm not fully restored yet (about 1/2 way there), I was cut as an adult and know the difference first hand. Let me tell you this: even at 1/2 way there it's worlds better than not having any slack skin at all and is worth every minute of effort. You don't get the missing nerve endings back, but the sensitivity of what you have left increases tremendously once you have grown enough skin to stay covered. I even notice a difference with only partial and not full time coverage. I also notice a difference in reduction of sensitivity when I have taken a long break from restoring, which comes right back upon resuming after several days. Don't worry about the cleanliness issue, it's all bullshit. Guys that have a problem with that are inherently slobs and have a whole slew of other hygiene issues as well. It ain't rocket science to clean your dick. Brushing your teeth is way more difficult and your mouth gets WAY grosser than your dick EVER would if you don't brush your teeth for ONE DAY! JUST DO IT!!


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      I started out with a goal of full erect coverage, I have 1/4 erect coverage now.

      I am still restoring on and off depending on my state of mental health, most weeks now I tape twice a week still and do manual 3x a day on other days.

      Has it been worth it? Yes without question.
      It's a long process that just won't work unless you set yourself a routine and stick by it without condition. I've used T-tapes right through, I had intended to use devices but never got around to it, the T-tape routine will a little fiddly just stuck and has worked very well.
      Though do your own research on methods and stick with what YOU think is best, if one method isn't working for you switch to another.

      I don't post much anymore but I'm happy to answer any questions you might have if you PM.


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        r8boss - I'm restored to about CI 7 or 8 for maybe 6 or so years now. That's enough for full, reliable, realistic flaccid coverage. I used T-tape throughout. It took me too long, I took too many lengthy breaks from tugging.
        My motivation was the appearance. I'm in "intact Europe" and was always acutely aware that I was different. I'm now happy with the appearance. I was not prepared for the upping of the sexual sensitivity. It's amazing.
        Maybe the only downside was having to learn how to piss reliably through the restored foreskin. It's nice being able to choose!

        Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way - Tom Lehrer


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          I found myself always looking for a method that would quicken the process... Unfortunately the only thing that increases shaft skin is time tugging... The fastest restorers, tugged every day all day, 12 hours plus for 2 to 3 years straight. For a working stiff, who can't tug at work, you are looking at a very long journey. It has been isolating for me personally. But some people lead normal lives for those years tugging. It will become an obsession as you see and feel the results. I have come a long way, although still very far from 100 percent reliable flaccid coverage, and can attest to the benefits... But they are not easily earned and come only with an obsessive routine.


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            Hello r8boss, I am "completely restored" if by that you mean having a reliable flaccid coverage and the much vaunted gliding action during intercourse. I have enjoyed this coverage for 3 to 4 years and there were many benefits along the way before growing enough skin to cover my glans. I am now an old man of 72, but still enjoy an active sex life that is due in no small part to my added sensitivity brought about by my restoration. I have a blog that will tell you much more than I can in this reply, here is a sample page