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    Hi Fellow restorers!

    As my nickname suggests, I am from Belgium, where circumcision is not very common among the native population. Overall, about 5% of children are getting circumcised because of medical reasons such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis or hypospadias. This is also the reason why I got a partial circumcision when I was 5 years old because of phimosis. I have always regretted this and I am glad that in recent years I've been able to reverse a lot of the negative effect through restoring.

    Because of the fact that the procedure is not applied so often, the majority of people don't know much about it and it's not talked about often. At the same time, urologists also don't seem to be much aware about any negative effects of circumcision, so it is believed that the procedure is still carried out more often than absolutely necessary (in some cases it is really the only and last resort unfortunately). I believe that this is also related to ignorance in the medical world and among the population in general.

    At the same time, society in Belgium is rapidly becoming more multi-cultural due to increased migration from the Middle-East and Africa among others. At this moment, about 7% of the population is Muslim and there is also a much smaller Jewish community, both of which still practice circumcision. As a result, over the last 20 years, the fraction of boys that are getting circumcised before the age of 16 has doubled from around 15% to over 30% to this date. In a recent master thesis from the Brussels University hospital, the reasons for circumcising were documented over the last 2 decades, and what was observed is that the number of circumcisions for medical reasons went slightly down to about 5%, while all other procedures are carried out for parental request (no more details provided). For the same reason, an expert committee has recently written a report about the ethical aspects of male infant circumcision in which 4 questions were addressed:
    (1) Can it be ethically justified to circumcise without any medical need?
    (2) Can it be ethically justified that such procedure is performed by a medical doctor in a hospital?
    (3) Is it ethically acceptable that the healthcare system makes taxpayers pay for such procedure?
    (4) Is it ethically justified to discriminate between male and female circumcision in law?
    Only for question 2 all members of the committee agreed that tax payers should not pay for non-medically required male circumcisions, while for the other 4 there were different opinions. Some experts would share the intactivist view point on these questions (pretty much answering "no" to all 4 questions I'd say) while others would still argue that the foreskin is just a flap of skin and that no action should be taken. Needless to say that politicians of course have not done anything with this advice, as they prefer to stay politically correct (and get votes from the migrant population that wants to keep on circumcising) and just pretend that it is okay to keep on performing unnecessary and harmful surgery to small boys.

    Anyway, this is just to give a bit of background to come to the main point I wanted to address here. I'm obviously frustrated with seeing some of these things happening here, and I feel like it's time for some action. Therefore I have decided to publish an e-book in Dutch on the topic of the foreskin, circumcision and foreskin restoration to create awareness about the topic and hopefully also to give a wake-up call to politicians and society in general. I've been writing on this book for several months now and will probably still need several more months to finish it. My plan is to release this book on October 30th next year, which would be exactly 30 years after my circumcision and which will probably also the time when I'll call my restoration project finalised. (I might continue a bit, depending on where progress takes me the coming months). The book will be a free download from my website, as I wouldn't want to make any profit on a subject like this. I really want to be able to educate people and that is also the reason why I decided to write it in Dutch, as there is not a lot of information available, especially nothing about potential negative effects of circumcision and very little on foreskin restoration as well. The book itself will be a very general introduction to the topic, also touching upon the history of circumcision and restoration, reasons for circumcision, the prevalence worldwide but also the political and ethical aspects of it. Next to that, I'm also planning to share some highlights out of my own restoration journey which you can also follow in my progress gallery on this website. If time allows, I might also make an English translation of the book, but at this stage I believe there is plenty of information available online to those who want to find out more about the subject.

    What I would also like to include is some more before and after pictures of fellow restorers to really highlight what can be done with restoration and how much better things look at the end. That's why I wrote this post now, to see if anyone would be willing to share some before and after pictures accompanied of a brief summary of the method(s) used and the time it took. Obviously, depending on the preferences of anyone that would want to share something, I'd happily keep things anonymous or use nicknames or real names if that's preferred. I have seen a lot of impressive results from different users here that would be very nice to share in my book. If anyone would be willing to share his results with me and the world, please send some before and after pictures (preferably with a short story about methods and time it took to restore) by e-mail to [email protected] and also provide formal consent in the e-mail for using these pictures in the e-book.

    Also, feel free to comment about any subjects I might have missed and should add to the book (current table of contents is given below). Also, if you're wondering about what's covered in some parts, feel free to ask Also, I would like to comment that in the introduction I make it super clear that this is not a medical book and that it gives my personal views on the matter. Whatever I tell in the book is merely summarising a lot of the different views that I've read over the years and a lot of it is obviously backed up with scientific references. Therefore I'm sure some people would also disagree with some of the statements I make, and frankly I don't care, part of the plan is to spark the debate anyhow, so if that works out the book did what I wanted. To give on example, yes, in consequences of circumcision I also mention some advantages (as in I mention what people in favour of circumcision tend to say and then I add comments to it, as I want to try to make it fairly neutral).

    Table of contents:

    Part 1 - Introduction
    (1) Preface
    (1.1) Foreskin & Circumcision
    (1.2) Before you continue
    (1.3) For whom is this book intended?
    (1.4) About the author
    (1.5) Structure of the book
    (2) Introduction
    (2.1) Foreskin
    (2.2) Anatomy of male reproductive organs
    (2.3) Disorders of the foreskin and penis
    (2.4) Circumcisions
    (2.5) Foreskin restoration

    Part 2 - Circumcision
    (3) Preface
    (4) History
    (5) Prevalence in the world
    (6) Reasons to circumcise
    (7) Styles
    (8) Alternatives
    (9) Methods
    (10) Consequences
    (11) Sexuality
    (12) Ethical aspects

    Part 3 - Foreskin restoration
    (13) Introduction
    (14) History
    (15) Reasons to restore
    (16) Non-surgical foreskin restoration
    (16.1) Preface
    (16.2) How it works
    (16.3) Methods (classified it as follows: Manual, Tape, Weight & Straps, Dual tension, Inflation, Retaining. Anything missing?)
    (16.4) FAQ (let me know if I need to add more)
    - Does it work of everyone?
    - Is it something for me?
    - How long does it take?
    - What's the best method?
    - What's the best tension?
    - Is it painful?
    - Is it expensive?
    - Is it worth the effort?
    - Is a restored foreskin the same as a natural one?
    (17) Surgical foreskin restoration (short, kind of saying don't)

    Part 4 - Personal experience
    (18) Preface
    (19) Partial circumcision
    (20) First round of restoring
    (21) Second round of restoring

    My apologies for the lengthy post, and thanks in advance to anyone who might have suggestions or might want to share some of his results!

    There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

    Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x

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    Wow, what an ambitious project. Good luck with it!
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Small update: I decided to start working on an english version as well, as that would allow me to get more feedback from the restoration community on what is there and what should be changed or added.

      For me this is a way of giving back to the restoration community that has always been very helpful and supportive. It has really been a blessing to talk about subjects that are never discussed in my home country. That’s also why I want to publish something in the first place, to create awareness and to let people know that foreskin restoration does exist and does work. In fact, I think the progress has made me so much more confident that now I’m not too shy anymore to throw some very private pictures online through my personal website.

      Ron, if you would want to also add my experience with TLC-X and some of my progress report on your website, feel free to let me know. For me the TLC-X has been a game changer, so I can’t thank you enough for that

      Cheers, Chris
      There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

      Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x