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Ron how did you settle on .5 pounds of tension as optimal?

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  • Ron how did you settle on .5 pounds of tension as optimal?

    I have been researching trying to figure out the optimal amount of tension and i see you have mentioned .5 pounds. Can you please share how you settled on this amount? Thanks

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    Ron's idea of optimal tugging does not necessarily align with what a lot of people have experienced as optimal tugging. Ron advocates a long, low tension tug. Multiple continuous hours per day. Others advocate for short, high intensity tugs. A few sessions of 15 minutes per day.

    Basically what I'm saying is that Ron is probably relaying information based on his experience and on the experiences of what others who tug in long sessions. And that .5 lb is not necessarily universal, some people might do best with more or less, but it's a good starting point to finding your optimal tension.

    But if you ask me, I'd recommend not wearing the device all day, I wear mine for a bit before work and a bit after work using higher tension.


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      There is no need to wear the device for hours and hours per day IF you are tugging at you optimal tension in CYCLES. "Optimum" tension is different for everyone, but basically you want to go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more. Not so much it hurts, but a little mild "burn" after a 20-30 minute session is OK as is a little mild soreness at the end of the day as long as it's completely gone by morning. If it's not, you're tugging too hard. The key here is CYCLES which have been proven by skin expansion techniques in use today to be most efficient. Additionally devices by their very nature restrict blood flow to some degree and triggered cells need blood flow to complete their mitotic division.

      I'm not saying the low and slow method doesn't work, but who wants to wear that contraption ALL day?


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        It's easy to measure your tension accurately. Just get you one of those hanging scales and hook it on to your tugger.
        Reality likes to make things more complicated than they really are.


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          I have never tell anyone how much force to tug with, because the amount you can and should use depends on:
          - Penile girth
          - Skin thickness
          - Intended wear duration
          - Available slack skin
          - Suitability of the tension fixture you're using for your size and slack.

          If we COULD measure these things well, that doesn't mean we know how to derive the ideal tension level from these factors.

          Instead of trying to measure tension, I suggest you get a well-fitted tugging device and then do the 4-Hour Rule experiment:

          The idea is that whatever setup you use needs to stay comfortable while you wear it or your tugging will be cut short. EVERY device application will eventually work loose, depending on how well it's applied, how much force you apply, and how much you jostle the device. The trick is to get an application that would usually hold fast until some time later than when you planned to take it off anyway.

          To apply the 4-Hour Rule, start with zero tension. Wear your device for a couple 4-hour sessions. If you have no complaints, the rule says you have permission to increase the amount of tension by a small increment and try some more. The device will sometimes get uncomfortable or work loose, but a usable setting is one that stays put in comfort for 4 hours at least some of the attempts. So keep increasing only as long as your sessions usually get to the 4-hour mark.

          When you get to a tension setting that never lets you get through the 4- hours, that's when you backup one setting, and use that reduced amount of tension every time until something changes to warrant repeating the whole experiment.

          Guys who tug in this mode 10-12 hours per day can expect to make good progress. Measure Forced Erect Coverage monthly so you know it's working.
          -Ron Low

          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            Optimal tension is indeed different for different restorers. I tend to tug about 10 hours daily with my TLC-X for 5 out of 7 days and supplement that with a few manual tugging sessions at night in front of the TV, in total an hour or so. I keep on getting steady progress around 3 to 4 mm a month with this regime. My long sessions are indeed lower tensions than the manual ones, so I don’t know which method would be most effective. What I did notice is that my growth went faster with TLC-X compared to the multiple O-ring method I used before. Probably this is also because the multiple o-ring method isn’t so efficient, but it gave me several centimetres of skin over the years
            There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

            Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x