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Anatomy of intact foreskin. The length of the frenulum intact foreskin.

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  • Anatomy of intact foreskin. The length of the frenulum intact foreskin.

    Hello to all.

    I'm glad I found this site.

    I have a question for all intact men of this forum.

    Please help me understand the anatomy of intact foreskin.

    When your glans are covered (soft and erected), does your frenulum extend to the end of the head or foreskin? How far does your frenulum go?

    If there is a overhang (acropostnion), how far can the frenulum go?


    What is the length of frenulum (length variation) with a large coverage index?

    From photos of intact guys nothing is visible. Wrinkles on the overhang do not give anything to see inside.


    When the dick is covered nothing is visible because of the wrinkles on the overhang. Frenulum is not visible due to wrinkles on the overhang.

    I want to understand:

    Does the length of the foreskin affect the length of frenulum?


    Is there a correlation between the length of frenulum and the length of the foreskin?

    There is a very interesting medical article:

    "An extremely long bridle leading to a giant preputial sac associated with a hidden penis."

    I am sending a picture with a scheme of an intact penis. This is a penis with a covered head.

    Нажмите на изображение для увеличения Название: img-5RgCPf.jpg Просмотров: 1 Размер: 32.7 Кб ID: 30844

    This picture is short frenulum.

    How does this picture correspond to reality?

    I want to ask Intact men:

    If you look at the picture - where is your frenulum in a calm (folded) form?

    About me:

    I am intact but with short foreskin (CI-3). My goal is CI-10. I live in eastern Europe. I use Google translate.

    I am looking for information about the features of lengthening intact foreskin.
    Growing outer foreskin - no problem with that.
    My problem is - I do not know how to properly grow inner foreskin.

    I'm looking for the answer to my question: Should I grow (make longer) my frenulum?

    Science Monk said:

    "Yes, you should tug and expand your frenulum remnant, just like the other parts of your foreskin remnant.

    Some early (1990s) online restorers had the idea that you should not tug your frenulum. If you come across such information on the web, you should consider it dated misinformation. "

    This old idea (1990s) looks logical (IMHO). So this old idea (1990s) is disinformation?

    Can anyone comment on the falsity of this old idea?


    Comment on the falsity of this old idea (1990s)

    In my country, doctors do not circumcise newborns.
    BUT doctors love circumcision for adult men (money). Intact men want to be circumcised in order to get rid of premature ejaculation. They do not know that this is the normal function of an intact foreskin. They do not know that foreskin function causes fast ejaculation

    I invite everyone to discuss. Comments from other forum members are welcome.

    I thank the creators and members of the forum for great information. I'm sorry you were circumcised.

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    If you use a device with an inner pusher, it will grow your inner foreskin AND frenulum at the same time. Just make sure the pusher has a cut out for the frenulum so it does not tear. In fact you will not even need external tugging to do this. However to grow OUTER skin, you will.


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      Thanks guys for the answer. Reality thanks for the detailed answer.

      I `ll answer later.

      Guys, I have been writing the answer for a long time, because I do not know English. I use Google translate.

      Do you have access to the medical article? Can anyone comment on this article?

      This child has a very long frenulum (extended) - 5 centimeters. Frenulum found after foreskin slitting. But this child has a Concealed Penis. How long is a prepuce at Concealed Penis?

      This medical article says:

      "We believe that the congenitally extremely longfibrotic frenulum (5 cm) was the primary pathologycausing the soft preputial skin to balloon outwards."

      I do not understand what it means - "longfibrotic"?
      Does this child have frenulum different from normal frenulum? Does this frenulum have a different pathological composition of the tissue ??

      The conclusions of this medical article:


      We believe that the congenitally extremely longfibrotic frenulum (5 cm) was the primary pathologycausing the soft preputial skin to balloon outwards. Thestenotic preputial opening promoted the stretching ofthe prepuce and the accumulation of urine in thepreputial sac. However, it cannot be ruled out that thelong frenulum may have been the result, and not thecause, of megaprepuce. The operative measures in-cluded removal of the excess skin together with theextremely long frenulum and correction of the buriedpenis to create an aesthetically pleasing penis andfacilitate easy urination. Early diagnosis, differentialdiagnosis and surgery are necessary to prevent infec-tion, obstruction and subsequent damage of the urinarytransport system, and to eliminate the very disturbingdeformity. We were unable to find a similar case ofgiant prepuce in the English language literature wherethe extremely long (5 cm) frenulum was the cause ofthe abnormality.

      Reality says

      So if you think about this, you will realize that there is no length to a frenulum, or, said differently, your frenulum is as long as the entire length of all of your inner foreskin. Why? Because the raised part and the rest of the inner foreskin are all one continuous expanse of tissue.
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        I will make a few comments.

        This sounds like an unusual case. Interesting, but not very helpful for most men trying to understand human anatomy, other than as a curiosity.

        At 8 months, I have a philosophical problem with putting this child through this surgery. Plus I think an argument could be made that surgery was done before full sexual development, and that is troubling in assessing how valid a choice this was and whether surgery would have been warranted if the boy had been left to reach sexual maturity first.

        I will note the child did not have any say in his desires. While I am sure the parents and doctors did their best to help him as THEY saw fit, we will never know what his choice would have been. Some people are comfortable with their genitals as they are, and should be given the choice of what to do. This choice was taken away from him.

        Not an easy situation, of course, but one that requires, in my mind, careful thought and surgery should be postponed until the child can make a fully informed decision himself, if possible.



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          Why was Reality member post removed? Post Reality is useful information. I read all the posts Reality. What he says is informative. I need to understand the anatomy of an intact man. I do not discuss the moral of this article. This medical article illustrates the unique anatomy of an intact man.



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            I do not know why, but apparently Reality himself removed it. He seems to do that quite often, but I have no idea why. I agree, he has a lot to offer and his posts are worth saving.