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Foreskin Restoration Process with Weight Loss

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  • Foreskin Restoration Process with Weight Loss


    I was circumcised at birth (THANKS MOM AND DAD) and I've indirectly regretted their decision ever since. Thankfully, the doctor who performed it was kind enough to make it a loose cut so I still have plenty of pliable skin, so I don't need to always have lube within arms reach for solo play.

    Due to some unfortunate lifestyle changes a few years ago, I became very sedentary, and naturally I gained a fair amount of weight since then (roughly about 50 pounds). Throughout my life I've bounced back and forth between average weight and ~30lbs overweight a few times so I'm preparing to go through another health "kick" to get back to a healthy weight.

    One of the only "benefits" that I've noticed is that with the added skin/fat in the groin area, it's actually pushed the shaft skin out to a point that it covers the head of my penis (when flaccid, of course). I've definitely noticed a difference in sensation, mostly with clothing; The bare head no longer rubs against my boxer shorts and it is much, much more comfortable. I've started using Man 1 Oil (I know, I know, it's probably snake oil) to try and moisten up the head as over time it's become dry and cracked like the dried ground of a desert.

    All of that said, I'm curious as to whether I can use this faux foreskin to my benefit during my weight loss regimen. I know that once I start losing fat and begin to tone up, that skin will retract back to where it used to be.

    My question is - Can I somehow "keep" the current excess skin in that area during the 6-8 month weight loss? Perhaps stretching it out and clipping it in place somehow? Or will the skin just naturally retract like the rest of the body no matter what I do? I'm very clueless in this area and I'm sure I'm not explaining it properly, but whatever insights or suggestions you guys have would be very appreciated.

    I don't have kids yet, but my brother (who's also cut) does, and he didn't circumcise his boys. I applaud his decision. Circumcision for non-medical reasons NEEDS TO STOP.

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    Well, the theory we are working under is that tension applied to the skin triggers growth. So, if you can apply enough tension doing what you propose, then it could work. But I do not see a good way to do that. Otherwise, you will just be retaining, which will keep and make the skin and glans sensitive, but then you may find that even less comfortable when you get to your target weight.

    My suggestion is to make tugging part of your "health kick" this time. All it takes is a few minutes of pulling on your skin, though the devil can be in the details. And the most important detail is using the optimal tension.

    Or, you could use tape, inflation, or a device, depending upon how much skin you have. But doing it intentionally, rather than trying to simply piggyback on losing weight will most likely work a lot better for you.

    Welcome and kudos to your brother for protecting his son's rights!



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      Just keep on tugging. Even if the skin would retract a bit due to weight loss, I think you can easily keep up the growth such that the effect is counterbalanced. Good luck on both projects!
      There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

      Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x