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  • My Journey and Encouragement

    Hi guys,

    Just a little bit about my restoration journey and thoughts I’d like to share:

    I started restoring my foreskin a little over 2.5 years ago when my wife and I found out that our firstborn was going to be a boy. Immediately after learning the gender, the question of circumcision arose. I already had my doubts about circumcision, as I’d wished I had my foreskin ever since learning what a foreskin was. It didn’t take long after doing a quick google search to confirm my thoughts on circumcision, but that search also quickly led to discussions of foreskin restoration. Over the next couple of days, I read everything I could find on foreskin restoration and determined that after reading all that I had read, there was no way I would keep accepting the damage that was done to me without doing something to repair it (as best as it can be repaired). I somewhat nervously told my wife about all of it, not quite knowing what she would think of it, but she was very supportive right from the first minute, for which I am grateful. I started tugging right after those first few days.

    I started with manual for the first several weeks and saw that first “stretch” of skin that isn’t real growth. Even that, though, was exciting and told me that the whole process would probably work. I then made a homemade tugger with baby bottle nipples, washers, and a screw and used that to tug in the morning. I also did RTM during the day. RTM allowed me to do something while at work without having to remove a device to urinate. I stuck with it for quite a while because I felt like it was working, but I eventually grew irritated with the tape and stopped using RTM.

    By the time I quit RTM, I had become a pretty devoted “silent lurker” on this forum (which, digression, I don’t see lurking as a “problem.” I approached this forum as I did with all other aspects of my life - if I am seeking knowledge or information, I listen (or in this case, read lol); if I have insight or knowledge to share, then I speak. I’ve lurked for so long because I didn’t feel like I had any input of value to share, until now. But that’s just my two cents.). After reading others’ input of reducing time under tension but increasing tension (thanks Greg_B!), I switched to using my homemade tugger with weight added for about 40 minutes in the morning while eating breakfast and getting ready for work. Along with the morning tugging, I manually tug for about 30 minutes to an hour while relaxing in bed at night. This is my current routine, but I think I’m about ready to buy a device. My current homemade setup is working, but it’s bulky and impossible to hide under clothes. My 2+ year old is extremely observant, and I want to be a little more discreet with my tugging.

    Now to what I want to share: after over 2.5 years of tugging, I can finally “see” the efforts of all that tugging. I noticed small milestones along the way - more wrinkles on my shaft, looser skin, slight and inconsistent rollover - but it seems like suddenly, all the small milestones have finally started to accumulate into something larger. Rollover happens just about every time I sit now, and instead of just covering the corona, my skin is covering about 50-60% of my glans when I’m sitting, which never happened before. My scrotum is now remaining loose when I have an erection, which never happened before. In the last two weeks upon returning from the gym, I’ve had beautiful, glorious full flaccid coverage that lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute before retracting (if you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about that!). It’s amazing to finally have over 2.5 years of tugging starting to come to some fruition.

    The takeaway that I want to offer in all of this (which numerous people have already offered before me) is that persistence and perseverance really are the key. Tugging has to become a daily routine that isn’t an option. You brush your teeth, you shave, you questions. You won’t see significant (or any) change for months and years at a time, but you have to keep tugging anyway. For me, at over 2.5 years of tugging, I feel like I just now have clearly visible changes from when I started. And, unfortunately, I still have many years of tugging in front of me. So, to anyone who is new to the forum or just looking for information or encouragement, stick with it, and don’t give up. It will take a long time. That IS the process. I’m nowhere near completion, but I know that this does work, and I will end up with my goal if I stick with it.

    Finally, just a quick thanks to everyone who runs and contributes to the forum. I’ve learned a lot of information on here that has helped to get me where I am today. Hopefully, my journey can help do the same for someone else.



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    Welcome! Always good to read words of truth. Not to be dramatic about it, but they have a purity about them which stands apart from the obvious drivel we've seen on this forum in recent times.

    Hang in there, and you will eventually experience more than you can imagine now. You've thanked some of us, but don't forget to thank yourself as well, for choosing to walk this path.


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      Welcome! I am glad that lurking helped you. Sounds like you are on your way and all you need to do is keep on tugging!



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        Thanks guys!