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Odd sore spot on glans.

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  • Odd sore spot on glans.

    Hi everyone,

    I turn 17 next month. I've been restoring since October of 2016. First I started with the TLC tugger, then in February of 2018 I started using the DTR because I wasn't seeing any more progress from the TLC.

    For the past few months there has been this very small area on the base of the head of my penis which is a slightly darker color than the rest of the glans and is very sore to the touch after having worn the device. I never remember it being there before restoring. But I just don't remember when it showed up, so I don't know if switching devices is to blame. What ever I try it just won't go away, I've put antibiotics on it. I went almost an entire month not wearing the device. But it's still there.

    Has anyone ever had anything similar happen to them.

    Also on a side note - why on earth haven't I been seeing more progress. I've been at this for well over 2 years and I still haven't reached roll over. I'm beginning to get frustrated. Any suggestions??

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    Sounds like a bruise from the pusher. When using any device you need to take a break several times per day. You may not have quite enough skin for a DTR. The DTR requires more skin for it to fit properly. Also, the correct tension is critical. Too little nothing happens, too much your body goes into repair mode instead of growth mode. You want to go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more. After 30 minutes you should feel a slight burn. Then take a break and repeat. 4 or 5 of these sessions per day is all thats needed. The burn should be gone by morning. If not, use less tension.
    A coiple of times I had a red spot on my glans and inner foreskin mucosa. It wasnt sore or itchy, but lasted for months. Finally I tried some Cortisone 10 Ultra Moisturizing cream and it was gone in a week! Might try it or some Arnica gel for bruises, cant hurt.
    Dont get discouraged. 2 yrs is nothing, especially if you were cut tight. As you gain skin thing will progress faster. KOT!


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      When I started using solid silicon inserts, I seemed to get odd sore spots too. I decided that it was from rubbing, an abrasion of some type. I tried using a small amount of lubricant and that solved it.

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        Yeah, you might try some beeswax based lip balm on the pusher. It works great!