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  • Which device is better ?

    Hi everybody, please I want to purchase a foreskin restoration device like the DTR but I think that it is so expressive (i'm a student) , which one is better and cheap ? I'm 20 years old, my CI number is CI-1.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    At a CI 1 you do not have enough skin to use a DTR. You may be able to get in on, but that doesnt mean it fits properly. I would suggest a TLC X. Even with this ou may not be able use the pusher right off, but you can use it without it for a while until you grow enough skin. The DTR is an advanced stage device ( CI 4 +). You can ways start withe a TLC X and move on to the DTR later.


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      Or taping methods may be worth considering. Tape and manual are the go to methods when starting out.



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        Any opinions on which is the “better” option - TLC-X or DTR - if you do have enough skin to use the DTR?


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          The DTR is a "one-size fits most" device. If I remember correctly, it is ideally sized for someone whose coronal diamater is about 1.3''. If you're significantly bigger or smaller, then the TLC-X would be a better option since it has sizing options.


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            @ Nabb- The best device out of the big 3 (TLC-X, DTR, and CAT II Q), in my opinion, is the CAT II Q. Not sure if it would fit you, but if you do end up getting one, go to the DTR site and order a couple of the grippers for that device, and use them with the CAT. If, for some reason, you HAVE to choose between only the DTR and TLC-X, go DTR (if you have the skin for it).

            @ OP- the TLC-X sounds like the best option for you. It doesn't require much skin to start, so it has the smallest amount of risk of buying a device that you can't use due to lack of skin.
            Good luck! Hope you get the answers you need.


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              The best device is the one that you use. I don't think anyone has any evidence of any device being strictly better than another from an objective standpoint.

              That being said, you should listen to people's opinion and run them through your own brain to decide which one you want. I bought the TLC-X and I don't really like its attachment mechanism. Some people like the DTR, but others will have difficulty using it.

              And always remember that you can tug without an expensive device, whether that be with DIY devices or even no device.


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                Thank you guys for all of your replays, I decided to get a Classic TLC Tugger as it doesn't need to much skin to start with, and it is not too expressive which is good. I have checked some users opinions here about it and they say that it gives some really good results in a short time (2 years) Anyway I really hope that it will help me to grow some skin, specially in this age (20 yrs).

                Which you all the best and KOT !!