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    Originally posted by Reality
    (in hushed voice, to himself) "There, blew out the last little candle..........well, except for this one (and the oooooo ghosty ones)..........wait, does that mean I can't wave my hanky and acknowledge snuffing this one too? Oh jeeze.

    I just realized a dead viking can't shoot an arrow in his own boat, so what chance does a willingly-dead chum mucker have . Crap".

    (a few minutes later) "Problem solved, I found the switch! This may take a few minutes.....................
    Preserving more photographic evidence that the guy who constantly berates "social media" behavior actively engages in it himself. Next time he gets all high and mighty about being above "social" we can just link back to this thread and smile.


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      Well, this thread seems to be in the wreckage of some sort of explosive moment that perhaps none of us really understand.

      What I can say is that there are many here who are suffering from PTSD directly from circumcision.

      Bear with me. There are many who have expressed disdain and disappointment in their parents, doctors, medical staff. A victim mentality has taken root where a self confidence should be.

      This skin was taken from you, and now you wonder who you would be if you had been able to keep it. What would have changed? How much happier would you be?

      Obviously some members have such a deep feeling of discontentment that it leaks out in the form of rage.

      Please don't blame the new guys, we all had to start somewhere. Blame does nothing, walk against the wind and KOT I say. If anyone with circumcision induced PTSD needs to talk, this IS still the place.

      Embrace the journey.


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        Pretty sure my anger issues go deeper than circumcision, but it's certainly a big item on the list of reasons I'm perpetually pissed off at humanity.

        I don't blame anyone in particular for my being circumcised. I blame ignorance, ideology, and belief... three things that can make even the best of humans do terrible things without realizing it.

        I'm sure I'm unknowingly being had by those three glitches of human intelligence right now even though I'm aware of them.