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  • More Skin and Nerves

    As I continue to gain more skin, I got to thinking about what happens with your existing nerves? It would seem logical that the grow along with your new skin, but what about the nerve endings? Do they expand as well?

    Post away!

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    this might be of interest:



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      I agree with Real. I doubt those nerves come back... Unfortunately. From the archives it seems that whatever skin is gained is nothing like a real foreskin in terms of sensitivity. This is probably because we can't get those nerve endings back... I figure the main draw is re-sensitizing the glans.


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        Originally posted by Reality

        You can't use the general term "nerves" in a meaningful way in this discussion. The terms to use are:

        Neurons (the actual receptor; the "nerve end"). And axons (the connection from receptor to the CNS, or put differently, the single wire to a bundle of wires back to the brain, which is the large receptor/interpreter). This is stated in its simplest terms. The actual arrangement and structure is more complex that this. Remember what Distalero said: parts are not the way to look at function. Function is beyond structure. "Parts' is the 19th Century view. Function as it's revealing itself is much more complicated than simple parts.

        Peripheral axons can potentially expand. Neurons do not expand. What is meant by this, is:

        1. When a peripheral axon (an axon which supplies "skin" or mucosa) is severed, it can regrow. That's after trauma. Does this mean an axon will expand along with "skin" when that skin is triggered to expand by cycles of tension? Unclear. Why is it unclear?

        2. "Nerves" (a neuron and its axon) lie under "skin". They are positioned in connective tissue. Does connective tissue expand with expanding stratum basale? Yes, the way we do it. But.......

        3. Does that mean axons will grow in length as well, the way we do it? Who knows. It hasn't been studied. But the general assumption is they might. This is not bad news.

        Ok, that covers axonal growth in a murky way. What about neurons?

        1. They do not expand, so forget it. The do not respond to cycles of tension, as "skin" does. But much more importantly, don't forget: We aren't trying to "expand" neurons. The question actually meant they multiply. We have to define terms, rather than use chatter memes like the internet. So, rephrased, do we get new neurons? We don't.

        2. Unless you're a minor god, you don't have the ability to create a complex organ, with even more complex function, out of nothing at all. Sorry, internet egotists, but we aren't minor gods so we can never cause neurons to multiply via cycles of tension. We start with 3, we end with 3. If we had 10, and circ took 7, all we will ever have is that 3.

        So, here we are.........with "new skin" (which by the way is not a "part", but only a slow accumulation of individual cells here and there), we might get some axonal growth. But..........never more neurons (why do I have this mental image of a raven?). Why do we feel increased sensation with the same number of neurons? That is a completely different discussion, where again function is more important than parts. Obviously.
        Saving the post for posterity.


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          So what your saying is that the newly grown skin will have less neuron density due to greater area. How does this affect sensation?


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            Morbidly overweight people give us some insight into the nervous system's plasticity with regards to skin expansion. Getting up over 500 pounds grows several pounds worth of extra skin to accommodate all that fat... one way or another, the sense of touch manages to spread itself out over all that additional real estate. How it does so, I have no idea. Nerves are a mystery to me.


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              In terms of numbers or neurons I’m not really sure what goes on, but neurons that “die” in events like a stroke do typically not recover from it and as such the functionalities are often lost forever. On the other hand, I’m starting to see more inner skin growth recently and I can notice that that region is more sensitive than before. This is probably also just because I had very little inner skin to start with.
              There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

              Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x


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                is it possible to just imagine the increase of sensitivity resulting from the increased area of sensitivity? same neurons "nerves" but stretched over a wider area making you feel more from the same?


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                  im pretty sure you can imagine sensations as those who have lost parts of their body can feel a phantom limb, youre thinking of imagination as purely linear as if one is making up something that doesnt already exist compared to perceiving an idea from what youre feeling. imagination is just another form of thought and what science doesnt start off with imagination and hypothesis. so when i say that an increase of sensitivity can be imagined, it may not be from more neurons growing but from what neurons we already have stretched out in a greater surface area and our brains perceiving it as an increase of sensation due to having more skin that can feel.

                  by the way, your unedited reply was much better. you don't have to be snarky about things especially on a forum for open discussion, comments like losing 100 IQ points and magical thinking are completely unnecessary. oftentimes being genuine and polite are better ways to engage conversations than the way you talk down to people.


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                    I have experienced sensitivity increase simply from being covered and shedding keratin and gaining moisture content. However, I, remembering what it was like to be intact, feel that expanded shaft skin feels weird. Particularly towards the end where rollover occurs. It's not in a bad way, just different. It doesn't feel like "foreskin", it feels like expanded shaft skin. I'm sure I'll get used to it.The expanded inner skin doesn't feel as weird except for what's missing. This must be due to lack of neurons. Time to retrain the brain!


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                      Originally posted by Reality

                      English as a second language is always problematic, especially when you don't use punctuationYou've cursed us with run-on sentences, so I stopped reading your post about a second into it.I did catch your reference to phantom pain, however do you realize that you have no idea what you're talking about? do my posts read like you can smoke me in basic Neurology Phantom pain has nothing, nothing to do with imagination learn English"Imagination" is the wrong word, and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here by saying this I was amused by the word "linear" though whatever the fuck that means learn English, read about phantom pain, drop your agenda my reference to losing IQ points was a reference to another thread, another "contributor" with a nonsense premise, sometime ago my advice? If you're not an admin, stay the fuck out of it was I being petty, just like you Eeehh, maybe a little.....nah, not really, it was a reference to a totally false idea; someone else's idea, but you picked it up and tried to run with it.But hey, this is the internet, and a site about dicks no less so I have to accept the following if English is your second language and you don't really stay current on this forum and especially if you're just another "gee I feel so angry after reading Reality's posts" type which you seem to be then you would respond the 180 degree way you tried here I provide information; information which can be confirmed what do you do, other than take a garbled, pressured shot.Anyone wondering now why I deep-six these posts soon after If not, here's why: I'm not allowed to say "get fucked, you shallow asshole, you have nothing to offer", but I would if I could 'cause it fits and if I could I'd leave these mofos in print Maybe my advice to this guy learn English,which includes punctuation and vocabulary and then go someplace else and think about why you're here (in every sense of the term)

                      You know, I tried (not very hard) to use very little punctuation, but basic education just kept rearing it's ugly head. Damn you, periods, and you other dots I don't know the name of
                      You're lucky I'm not an admin because you'd be in some shit for that post.

                      Run-on sentences are indeed annoying but not worthy of going full nuclear on someone over it. Also, if you make a belittling comment and then have a temper tantrum when someone isn't pleased about it, you're even less mature than the bitchy little socmed special ed types you're always driveling about.

                      I'm mostly replying to this to cockblock you from deleting it and pretending it didn't happen. The freedom to be a dick on the internet is a two-way street.


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                        Technically, all that us humans perceive is imagination. The color red doesn't exist. Electromagnetic radiation of a specific frequency hits our optic nerves and our brain interprets - imagines - something that we know as a color named Red.

                        What a restored foreskin gives us is more sensitive equipment with which to detect physical contact on a piece of anatomy that is hardwired to inject a pleasurable sensation into our brain's fabricated perception of existence. More fuel for the imagination, you might say.


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                          Hi Reality, I don't know why you attack people openly discussing a topic that has mostly been advanced through shared experience. I don't know how old you are but it's not a very mature way to act and the internet may provide you with a sense of anonymity and power but it doesn't excuse your behavior.

                          Folks, get the kid or the "sugar" guy to tell you all 'bout them nerves and "imagination" (he just pissed down your shirt collar about the real worth of restoration) 'cause there's a lot we didn't cover."
                          You also go on about people not knowing how to read but your reading comprehension may also need to be checked. In no way did I invalidate or suggest that anyone was wrong when I said if it was possible to imagine an increased sensitivity. I know that when your mucosa and gland is covered the skin is revitalized and a newfound sensitivity is definite. Due to an increased amount of skin, the area of sensitivity could be larger resulting from just the basic fact that there is more skin to feel. It was just a suggestion that you took incredibly wrong.

                          And when you talk about the real worth of restoration being able to feel more pleasure, you're only talking about your own opinion. Some men restore because they have psychological damage from what was taking away from them and restoring brings back a sense of control to their own body. Personally for me, my own worth of restoring is not to feel more pleasure or healing any kind of psychological and visible physical trauma but rather purely for an aesthetic reason. I like the way a natural penis is suppose to look, having a foreskin to cover the glands appears more modest in my own opinion. If all the other added benefits of sensitivity comes with restoring then I'll gladly welcome it as well.

                          You may have lived a long time and gain a ton of experience on restoring your own foreskin, which may make you feel entitled to share your knowledge as if it's the undeniable truth. But sharing that information to others, especially new restorers comes with the role of being a teacher, a mentor, a guide to those wanting to learn more about restoring. However your behavior of lashing out to anyone who has a different say than yours or even simple questions on theoretical ideas on the subject and attacking the person not only on an intellectual level but a personal one as well is completely uncalled for, destructive, and flat out rude.


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                            This extra skin provides a similar function of an actual foreskin. It moves LIKE one, and it keeps the glans covered. Look at some pictures of veteran restorers. They have a moist re-sensitized glans.

                            Those are the main draws of restoration. Aside from that is the LOOK of it, and for some that is another large draw. Personally I started for the look aspect. But as I make more gains, I see how satisfying it is to have the function as well.

                            Of course most people here will say the sensation isn't even 50 percent of what a real foreskin provides. That number is probably based on the destruction of nerve endings. Restoration is a "take what you can get" deal... Seems worth it maybe... Probably isn't cost effective in terms of time put in to any realistic standard... If one used the time on any other effort, it might be way more desirable. Say instead of tugging, you worked somewhere, or worked out. You would be rich, and buffed out in no time... These are things we must think about in this short lifetime...

                            But here we are, obsessed as we are.

                            PROGRESS GALLERY


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                              Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
                              I have experienced sensitivity increase simply from being covered and shedding keratin and gaining moisture content. However, I, remembering what it was like to be intact, feel that expanded shaft skin feels weird. Particularly towards the end where rollover occurs. It's not in a bad way, just different. It doesn't feel like "foreskin", it feels like expanded shaft skin. I'm sure I'll get used to it.The expanded inner skin doesn't feel as weird except for what's missing. This must be due to lack of neurons. Time to retrain the brain!
                              Oh I forgot, you're the dude who had a foreskin... Yeah I doubt you will ever have that feeling again... Remember these are faux-skins :P
                              PROGRESS GALLERY