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  • I’m brand new

    So I recently discovered foreskin restoration after researching why my skin just below my gland would feel like it was going to tear when I have hard erections. Found out it may be because of my cirumcision. So I’ve been exploring this site a bit try to figure stuff out but there are all these terms like cl - that I don’t understand and I’m really just wondering where to start. I’m not necessarily looking to ever be completely covered just would like to gain enough back so it doesn’t pull!

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    Welcome! There is a wealth of useful information throughout this forum- don't hesitate to look around or ask questions. The ci-# is the "coverage index" rating for measuring out how tight/loose your shaft skin is. Some people on here have started near a Ci-0 while others have started around Ci-2 or 3. For tight skin, look up manual methods and t-taping or just taping methods in general.

    here is a guide to the Ci chart, although it isn't the most accurate thing to go by as there may be variations from individual to individual.


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      Welcome to the site. People here might use terms like "ci-1" or "ci-2" (the capital i looks like an lowercase L in some fonts) that refer to an old webpage on which a restorer came up with a "coverage index" to measure how much different amounts of skin would cover the glans:

      Mine started out almost as tight as what you describe. It's definitely still possible to get coverage, but for me, relieving that tightness was also my primary goal. It didn't take me long to get the impression that I could go all the way with restoring, so I did.

      Also note that the head of the penis is the "glans." It has nothing to do with glands, despite the similar spelling.


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        Thanks for the responses I appreciate it! So it looks like I’m less than the cl-1 shown. From looking around some is seems like you need more than that to use a PUD is that correct? And would it be correct to say that using a PUD is the most discrete way? I need something that’ll work well getting in and out of a car often, standing and sitting often but not jogging or anything like that.


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          I would say that manual is the most discrete way, depending upon how you define discrete. But other methods can be discrete as well, you have a lot of ways to tug, just try one and see how it goes, and modify to make more discrete if needed.

          I used tape for most of my restoration, wearing it to work. No problem getting in and out of cars, or sitting at a desk. I chose not to wear it when in the field, on vacation, on business trips, weekends, and holidays. Worked fine. When I had enough skin I switched to inflation, doing only 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week. Nothing to wear while out and about, nothing to do. Hard to get more discrete than that.