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    So I am completely new to this, my circumcision was so tight my skin feels like it’s going to pull away from the glans when completely erect. I live an active life moving almost always. Is there any way for me to do this without anything showing or having to run to the bathroom every hour?

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    Originally posted by Tootight88 View Post
    So I am completely new to this, my circumcision was so tight my skin feels like it’s going to pull away from the gland when completely erect. I live an active life moving almost always. Is there any way for me to do this without anything showing or having to run to the bathroom every hour?
    I would purchase a tlc tugger or PUD device. Give it a shot, it takes time, a lot of time. It is also difficult to be discreet about it. If you just need a little wiggle room, try manual exercises for 2 months. Explore your options, find the right tension or weight for you. Be ready to commit... The only tuggers I know of who finished within 2 years, tugged for 12 hours a day every single day. Tugging is a leisurely activity. I work out my upper body, situps, pushups, free weights, while tugging. But if you jog, let it be known that tugging is not an option there. Desk work is perfect and ideal for tugging, but only with the right rig and set up.

    I prefer hanging weight for tugging.



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      The simplest way of restoring is through manual tugging. Since it requires setting aside some time to yourself, you won't have to worry about it as you go about your day, and discretion won't be an issue.

      If you want a method that keeps the glans covered, try cross taping for a while. There's nothing that should require adjustment, until you need to urinate - and replacing the tape shouldn't take too long, once you get used to it. When I was doing this, early in my restoration, I would carry some pre-cut tape strips with me to make it easy. Once the skin has loosened to the point where cross-taping doesn't provide much tension, it's possible to switch to a tape ring or o-ring method that usually doesn't require much adjustment.


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        How often should I be stretching to start? What’s the recommended method? Should I be using any to promote skin health like vitamin E oil?


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          I would say that for manual tugging, you should try to it as often is convenient for yourself. When I started I would mostly just do it before masturbating as a sort of foreplay for myself. I'd spend 15 minutes or so tugging before I would finish myself off. This led to me growing enough skin to be able to wear a device and now I use a DTR and wear it as much as possible. Many people do manual tugging sessions many times throughout the day when they go to the bathroom, usually for a couple minutes, and for longer sessions in the morning or at night. The main thing is to just do it when you can and try to be consistent.

          As far as oils and things, I like to use moisturizing oils to keep my skin moist and pliable. Try to only use it before bed because it makes tugging difficult. It's not important to slather it on there or anything, but a little bit at night before bed can help relieve any dryness you might get while tugging.


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            Easy to tug without people knowing or suspecting. Manual is the simplest, and can be fit in at odd times. Taping also works well, you can do it for short time periods like manual. For example, tug at home, while eating breakfast and dinner, or before going to bed. 20 minutes a session. Just figure out what works for you.



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              I recently started using T-tape, and in my opinion it is much more discreet for midday type use than any other device. The tape itself has a negligible form factor and is pliable, it would be impossible to see it through clothing, no matter what style of clothing. Any other device has some sort of rigid body which could outline itself in your pants.

              I am tensioning the T-tape by an elastic strap going around my waist, and this is also basically impossible to see through clothing. The strap itself lies flat on my skin and the clips are not that big. You can also choose to run the strap down to your knee or around your feet (like you would use a shirt stay,) but I don't like that as much, personally.

              If I want to release the tension, I can just slip my fingers into my waistband (around my hip area) and unclip the strap, problem solved. Reapplying the tension would require some privacy.

              Using the restroom is not a huge deal, just unclip the tape, pull the flap out of the way, and urinate. When you're done, clip back in. This is probably doable at a urinal, but I would use a stall. If you are doing short bursts of tension, then you can probably just time it so you use bathroom time to put on the tension and then release the tension by unclipping at your desk or whatever.

              The huge downside of the T-tape is if you want to hide it from sex partners. With tapeless devices, you just unattach the device and then it's gone, like nothing ever happened. With the tape, it is not fun to remove spontaneously. I remove my tape in the shower to allow the water to soften the adhesive. And even then, there is still adhesive residue leftover on the skin that requires some amount of extra effort to fully remove.


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                The thing I never quite figured out for myself about manual tugging was how long to hold the skin during each stretch. This method here says 5 to 30 seconds:

                …but that's a wide range. My guess is that the high end would be enough to account for thicker skin types. I'm thinking the idea would be to experiment to find what works best for yourself - but I used to either get impatient or forget about doing it, so I stuck with a device.