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    hey everyone! I’m sure this is answered somewhere on here but I haven’t found it. Can I expect to see any success from using the canister method by itself.

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    Yes, Absolutely. In fact, if you are able to use a 35mm film canister, a CAT II Q tugger body fits perfectly on a 35mm film canister if you open it up by completely cutting out the bottom. All you have to do is tape the CAT II Q onto the film canister with some electical tape. By using it this way you have a dual tension canister device which is perfect for your situation given your lack of inner foreskin mucosa. This WILL expand that quite effectively using the pusher only. I started with this set up at a stupid tight CI 1, although I had plently of inner skin to start with. For you, this will work well.


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      But can I expect any success without attaching anything else to it?


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        Originally posted by Tootight88 View Post
        But can I expect any success without attaching anything else to it?
        Yes. Probably just outer shaft skin though.


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          Can a ci-0 or ci-1 safely use this?


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            I dont know how youre using the canister. But i get what i call passive growth from using my TLC packer and a your skin cone retainer. I wear this all day. Then i do a manual tugging session once or twice a day. The packer i am up to is approx 3" long from tip to end. In the pic attached you will see my thumb is placed after the end of the packer and is actually resting over my glans
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              Advanced Devices Supercanister tuggers work very well.
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