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    Hey guys. I stumbled upon this product called Man 1 Man Oil. It has all the skin support vitamins, Shea butter, amino acids for healthy cell regeneration, and some other emolients and moisurizers. Seems like this stuff is REALLY good for your skin. After all, healthy skin grows better than not so healthy skin. Anyone ever tried it? I'm thinking of trying it.

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    Sounds great! Where did you find it?


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      Originally posted by wanta4skin View Post
      Sounds great! Where did you find it?
      It was on Amazon. I think it was $39.99 for a 4 oz bottle with free shipping.


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        My only comment:

        Vitamins have to be ingested to be metabolized. "Metabolized" means taken into the body by eating them (or shooting them IV), changed to a useful form through a complex series of processes, and THEN used by your body. That's the only way they work. Your skin ain't part of your digestive system, so "outside" the digestive system is useless. And please don't shoot crap of ANY sort.

        This goes for amino acids, also; gotta ingest them. So unless you're planning to apply this internally, along with those emollients and whatever (and I really wouldn't suggest that).......

        Here's a thought: I suppose you could slather it on your skin and then eat your skin....................but I'm not sure I'd recommend that either. Sounds harsh. And I'm not gonna charge you 40 bucks for this info.


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          I disagree with the ingestion hypothesis. Many creatures, including humans, are capable of using vitamins and minerals absorbed through skin, such as vitamin E, magnesium---it's called transdermal application:

          Probably the best known example is the nicotine patch.

          I've used MSM cream, and did not visually notice much of a difference using it. I don't think it hurt...


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            Hey, at the very least it will give you one heck of a placebo.
            At the very best the seller is making a killing on snake oil...