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Adult Partial Circumcision, want to restore

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  • Adult Partial Circumcision, want to restore

    Which device would be best for fast tugging?
    Hello, I am new to foreskin restoration. I was partially circumcised at age of 25 in 2018, after the frenulum removed in late 2017. Main reason to do it was that I used to have hyper-sensitive glans penis, so an intercourse was difficult because of extreme case of premature ejaculation. In other words, at the time of full erection, I had an ejaculation immediately after pulling the foreskin. So, I decided to cut – frenulum first only, but after that my penis was almost as sensitive as before, the masturbation and intercourse were done very quickly.
    So, in March 2018 I decided to get partial circumcision. That operation fixed that problem with sensitiveness immediately! After month or two months, I was happy – masturbation sessions were prolonged, I could touch glans penis without itching for the first time in my life!

    But after a half of year, I had an intercourse. I didn’t felt nothing. Simply nothing. It was a nightmare, I didn’t knew what to do. After a few failed attempts of intercourse (without orgasm) I slowly started searching the internet for dull sensations, adult circumcision and so on.
    Well, I am here! I looking for a device which help to grow my foreskin back. For daily use, (no use when sleeping). I don’t want to use tapes and straps because of fear of it (damage to my penis and so on…).
    I also want to use some device to keep my glans full covered when sleeping.
    I recently bought a manhood item to recovering some sensitiviness of my glans, but it’s not helped me to this day. It is look like a sock, btw.
    Which one device would be best for me? I usually wear briefs or boxer shorts.

    Sorry for my broken English.
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    What method would be good to use, partly depends upon how much skin you have, most devices require you have enough skin to use them. Of course, you can but a device and give it a try, if you do not have enough skin, then put it on the shelf until you do.

    I doubt anyone can tell you which device (or method) is best for "fast tugging", if, by that you mean growing skin the fastest. All methods seem to work well, based on the reports form men using them. Here is a table covering a lot of methods that may help you consider which you might find compatible with your objectives:

    One thing for you to ponder is what do you want to end up with? How much coverage do you want?

    Regarding keeping your glans covered, you do not need to do that to grow more skin. By doing that, you will increase sensitivity, which you said was the reason you got circumcised before, so you may want to think about how much sensitivity you really want. You might want to simply restore, no retaining, so that your glans does get exposed form time to time, to keep it less sensitive?

    Just be patient, expect it to take years, not months, and be willing to experiment. And, feel free to ask further questions, give us more information about you and your desires, etc.



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      A half of my glans is covered when flaccid. Yes, I want to retain some of my foreskin because my glans is very dry. I want to retain some skin in 2-3 months, 12 h using per day. Which one would be the best? I am a student, so a lot of sitting work.


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        Well, at least you have half coverage. That is a good place to start and with that much skin you can use any device you want. They all work well. However you will need to use an elastic strap (or weight) of some kind to grow outer shaft skin. The inner pusher of a dual tension device will grow inner skin, but not outer skin. That requires some kind of external force. Don't worry about damage. You have more than enough skin to be very safe, just don't tug too hard -especially when starting out. Your skin needs to get used to being tensioned. Generally a pound or 2 is all that is needed. At your present state and age this should take you only 2 years or so max. The TLC-X is a good, versatile device and you can use the outer cone for a retainer when not tugging. You should also be able to use an O-ring or 2 to retain at night.

        I know what you mean about sensitivity loss, I was cut as an adult too.


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          Originally posted by greenapple View Post
          A half of my glans is covered when flaccid. Yes, I want to retain some of my foreskin because my glans is very dry. I want to retain some skin in 2-3 months, 12 h using per day. Which one would be the best? I am a student, so a lot of sitting work.
          It sounds like you have more than enough slack to use the TLC-X Extensible which is what I would use if I was starting today. It lets us fine-tune the device length to keep up with the increasing slack. This way we have the control to get the best possible cosmetic outcome by keeping a constant part of the skin worn comfortably at the skinniest part of the device.

          I recommend wearing gentle tension for 10-12 hours per day and wearing your skin fully over the glans with the Your-Skin Cone during all non-tugging hours.

          There is a way to wear gentle weighted tension that works even while you're seated. Apply the device to your penis, then clip a 6" - 10" cord to the device, then hang slender weights or a chain from the cord. The cord bears over the edge of the chair while you're seated so the weight is still acted on by gravity.

          This same scheme is proving to be a great way to wear tension in bed, should you decide that's safe enough in your situation. Apply the device to your penis, then clip a 4 foot to 5 foot cord to the device, then route that cord past your nose and through pulley that is attached to the headboard. Hang weights from the cord so they dangle just above the floor. See attached pictures of such weights and cords. Weights like these are offered by Advanced Devices Inc. as a Torpedo brand set

          Full disclosure - I sell the TLC-X and Your-Skin Cone.
          -Ron Low
          [email protected]
          847 414-1692 Chicago


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            Thank you for the replies.
            Is same TLC-X without any other aids not good enough to restore some foreskin?

            I would buy something, but I don't know that which is better - same TLC-X (with Your Skin Cone) or TLC-X with aids.


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              Given that you have partial coverage, you have many options in terms of devices. I also had a partial circumcision, but for me it happened as a kid.

              At the end of puberty I did a first round of restoring taking me from 40-50% flaccid coverage to 70-80% over a quite long period of 2 to 3 years. Don’t let these numbers discourage you, as I went on and off quite often and I used multiple o-rings, which is definitely not a very efficient method.

              I restarted with that same method early 2017 (at the age of 32 then) and quickly decided to move on to the TLC-X. I got some progress in the first 3 months with the o-rings, but I got annoyed with how long the application took. The TLC-X really helped me to skyrocket my progress, and I’m still very glad I bought it. For me, it has been the best investment I ever did I’m sure that plenty of other dual tension devices such as the DTR or Cat-II might have worked equally well, but I never tried those. I’m not using any straps or weights, as I primarily want to focus on inner skin, and that is tensioned most by the pusher.

              All I can say is that I’d make the same choice again with what I know now, as the TLC-X can easily be adjusted with progress and allows to fine tune the regions you want to tension. You can check my progress gallery to see where it took me the last 2 years. I’ll post an update soon with before and after comparisons for 2 years of TLC-X.

              I just have the TLC-X and replaced the standard pusher with the double deep pusher, which has worked well for me so far
              There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

              Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x