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  • Interesting perspective

    Thought I’d share an interesting perspective in our household.

    I’m married to a doctor. Fortunately, he has always opposed circumcision, aka genital mutilation. In fact, they threatened him with not graduating medical school because he attended the genital mutilation training, but refused to actually perform the procedure.

    Interestingly, while he opposes circumcision, he prefers the aesthetic of a circumcised man. He nearly always rolls his foreskin back when he puts on his undies. We both have larger than average penises, and admittedly, because of our egos, like to show off our bulges and an uncovered glans definitely shows more than a covered glans.

    While I do like to show off, I am of the opposite aesthetic preference. I actually prefer a fair bit of overhang. The Ancient Greeks called it the acroposthion and revered it as the ideal aesthetic for a penis, and I definitely agree.

    So, I am restoring my foreskin, which my Husband fully supports. I will most likely restore to the point of foreskin overhang, yet I’m married to a man that vehemently opposes circumcision yet at the same time prefers the aesthetic of circumcision.

    Quite the conundrum, no?

    Just thought I’d share to spark some interesting convo.

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    This is an interesting topic..

    I am a straight male, circumcised and above average size. I have very recently (as in only 3 days ago) learned about restoration and until than was naive to this all and did not know foreskin restoration was a thing..

    Up until than I thought a circumcised penis looked more pleasing and thought mine looked very nice and all was just great, I liked it a lot... But once my wife looked into things and showed me the benefits to both her and I of having foreskin, I was immediately blown away and was 100% on board with restoring mine. I am a CI-3, and now like the look of a CI-8, 8.5 and that’s what I hope some day I can achieve..

    So I guess it’s all perspective of what each individual likes or finds more attractive, and for myself I feel that I like the look of a tighter foreskin that covers the glans with little to no overhang better when erect.

    As I stated this is so new to me and I am very much into this journey and cannot believe I was so ignorant/ naive to this.. I keep telling her that, I am completely MIND BLOWN since I learned of this and have not felt so positive and good about something, maybe ever. I am very excited about it and my opinion about the looks of intact vs a circumcised penis has completely changed in the blink of an eye and it’s all completely positive.

    Good luck to you!


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      Same to you friend. Your enthusiasm and motivation is really awesome. Thanks for sharing!


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        Thank you! I’m very excited about the journey, and having this forum is excellent too!


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          It's weird, I realized recently that while talking to my ex girlfriend, I would say man that scar looks bad doesn't it? Of course, most American women hate uncircumcised penises... So she shrugged me off.

          But I knew that having that scar was from being cut by the doctor...

          This was the spark that led me to restoration. Once I took the leap, I never looked back, even as I struggled at first. It is not easy, don't listen to anyone who says that it is easy.