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Penis size and thickness increase from restoration?

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  • Penis size and thickness increase from restoration?

    Has anyone else noticed their penis getting bigger and thicker from just restoring? Mine has gotten much thicker, i used to have a very thin and painfully tight penis shaft, so i had a lot of problems with friction burns. i can feel a lot more sensation down there as well. I am about 8 months in, and it feels great to get it back. Just wondered if anyone else had this experience!

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    Of course! Think about it. On an adult the average size of missing skin is 15-20 square inches! Thats a 3x5 card size or more. Thats where the added girth is coming from. The other common thing is length increase, particularly on those cut as infants. Especially if they were cut tight. Your dick is supposed to live in a loose sleeve, not a tight sausage casing. If the cut is too tight it impedes lenthg growth some and restricts the natural hang size. This is another good reason NOT to do this on infants because there is no way to know how big that thing is gonna be as an adult. Its imossible to know or guess.


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      My penis stayed the same, but more skin does make it feel thicker.

      Not sure if penis size correlates with being cut or uncut at all. It would make sense, but most information I have seen says that the penis grows whether or not you have foreskin or not... Doctors and health websites can be biased, so who knows.

      I will say that restoring to having flaccid overhang, will be way better than being cut...

      I get paranoid that the strain on my penis may be shortening it, but I think I'm just being anxious. I would give up an inch to be intact anyway lol.

      I will say that having more slack skin as time goes on makes my penis feel bigger because of the skin rolling over the glans. Not sure why, but it makes me feel formidable and happy with my penis size. I feel like having a foreskin is going to be a big boost of confidence for me when I get there. I hate the way the scar looks.
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        It's an interesting question. some have reported a small increase in both length and width from restoring that does not seem to be explainable from simply adding more skin or allowing the penis to extend further. But most do not report that happening.



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          If anything, to begin with, my flaccid penis got shorter once I could cover the glans with my developing skin tube. This was as a result of the tube closing around the glans and pushing everything backwards. After several years of being covered, but still tugging and adding to the skin growth, I have probably got to the stage where, under average conditions, I am covered with no foreshortening. I have a glans much wider than my shaft, so the skin that now covers it adds significantly to my girth. I have to retract my fauxskin a bit to pee accurately, but the penis I now point at the porcelain is chunky thing of beauty. As I get older, my erections are not what they were, but having more flexible shaft skin available as I get hard has (on a good day) maintained the length I had in my youth. Restoration can only bring benefits, there are no downsides, so enjoy the changes for the better whatever they might be.


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            I have definitely noticed an increase in girth in both the shaft and the glans. Don't know about the length though.