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  • Product discovery - Man Oil!

    Just wanted to share a product I found that seems to be making a big difference. I've got more pliable skin and it seems to not only help with being able to stretch longer, but also with recovery time. Let me know if anyone else tries it and finds good results. It is very expensive, but you only need a very little amount to cover your glans and stretching area. I put a dab on my stretch plate and then also apply some after stretching for recovery. Hopefully you find it works well:

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    I love this stuff! It is perfect for dryness and post restoring recovery! Sometimes I end up with dryness and redness and using this has me back to restoring in no time. Chuck the guy that makes DTR also recommends Emu oil because it soaks in quickly. I do find that if I use any moisturising stuff too close to putting on the DTR it slips which Chuck also says so applying at night is best 😀👍🏼.


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      I’ve seen this oil on amazon and seriously considered it. Out of curiosity, does it do anything for the smell of a penis? Personally, I quite like the smell of an intact penis, and as I’m restoring, I am hoping to get more and more of that.


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        The product itself has a very neutral smell and I can’t say I’ve noticed any change in smell at all. My penis doesn’t smell so I’m unsure as to whether this product will help you achieve this.


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          It has just a slight fragrance and does have a fairly smelling. I have not noticed any change in sell to my penis. I also typically have zero odor on my penis, so I am pretty sensitive to changes in my smell. For example, if I masturbate and have sperm left on my penis I will pick up on a slight fishy smell and couple hours later and will wash.

          I also enjoy the smell of an uncircumcised penis, but that really just comes from the process (won't go into the details of where the smell comes from) of having the glans covered a majority of the time. Anything, including just rinsing with water, will either erase or alter the natural smell that accumulates without washing.

          Lastly, I highly suggest washing your penis if you've applied before sex, especially oral sex. It doesn't have the best taste and you wouldn't want to do that to your lover, trust me . . .