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using t tape when your inner foreskin is already dekeratinized

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  • using t tape when your inner foreskin is already dekeratinized

    Does anyone use t tape even after they've already dekeratinized? If so does it cause issues with putting the tape on and peeling it off of that inner mucosa? I would think it'd be uncomfortable or cause it to start keratinizing again from the stress of putting that tape on and off.

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    There are two different things that one can do for restoration, one is to grow skin, the other is to retain and keep covered to dekeratinize and become more sensitive. You do not need to do both, some do, some don't. The way you have worded this, sounds like you are putting them together when they do not need to be.

    For example, I have not retained, but I have restored. I have not had any problems. Many men do both, and I do not recall any reported problems doing both. So, I do not think you need to worry about it.

    Most people who use tape wear it until it comes off easily, or soak it to make it easier to remove. So removing the tape is not the problem you seem to envision.

    There are also ways to restore that do not use tape, btw.

    Hope that helped.



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      It's thinner and more delicate than skin, but the tape might not stick as well to moist inner foreskin in the first place. You could avoid any issue by applying the tape to the shaft skin at the edge of the mucosa.


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        I should also add that most of my restoration was done with tape. I used the scar line to align the tape, so that one leg was on my inner skin and the other on my outer skin. I never had any problems getting the tape to adhere, nor did I have any problems with the tape being more problematic on the inner skin, or staying on the inner skin, vs the outer skin.

        There are a number of things you can do to use tape more effectively. Apply the tape to clean, just washed skin that is dry. Press the tape hard to help with adhesion. Wait 10 minutes or so before applying tension, to let the tape adhesive set up.

        And, for removing tape, leave it on longer, the adhesive will lose its grip over time. Soak it well before removing, the water compromises the adhesion. Roll your skin off the tape, rather than pulling the tape off you skin, this makes a surprising difference in comfort. Work slowly and methodically taking it off.

        My typical routine was take the tape off at the end of my morning shower, dry myself, apply new tape, and then wait for a while before applying tension. I simply ate my breakfast while waiting.