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Are any 3D printed materials skin safe?

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  • Are any 3D printed materials skin safe?

    Ever since looking at the HOPE foreskin restoration device I have been thinking about 3D printers and what I might do with one. Just a couple minutes ago I searched for circumcision to see what would popup. Glad to see a foreballs "mock up" and got to thinking... would that even be safe? FYI a search for foreskin shows a few devices.

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    If you're going to be 3D printing a device, just check to see exactly what's in the printing material. I would assume anything nylon or acrylic should be fine for skin contact. The one question I'd have is whether the surface comes out smooth enough to be comfortable.


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      the MSDS sheets are nothing but scary but have not been able to find sheets for all the resins used by SLA 3D printers! The SLA printers make a good surface that would be easy to polish if it needs it.


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        Just makes sure you are not using any urethane products. Silicone or nylon should be ok. Acrylic is not flexible enough and has some nasty compounds in it.


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          Just saw a supplier for bio-compatible resins on a website in the 3D printer section. They are listed as "new" and no prices are given and details are not given. On another website the information about bio-compatible resins says the limits are 30 days against the skin or 24 hours against a mucous membrane.