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Is there anyway to tighten the skin

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  • Is there anyway to tighten the skin

    I have been restoring on and off for about a year. I have checked out a lot of the progress gallery pics and some restored foreskins look nice and tight while others look a lot looser.

    Does it depend on the method that you are using? Or is there a way to tighten the end of the restored foreskin once you've retired from tugging?

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    You can go for what is know as a V-plasty where they remove a V shaped wedge thus creating a taper or a purse string suture where they loop a suture circumferentially around the end of the foreskin. Either of these procedures are expensive and create scar tissue. You don't want that or letting anyone near your dick with a knife ever again! Once was more than enough!
    If you simply grow enough skin to go past the end a bit, the dartos muscle layer in the outer skin will create all the taper and tightness you will need. Also, once you have stopped tugging your skin will naturally tighten up on its own a bit. This is called rebound shrinkage and why it's important to tug about 10%-15% PAST your goal. Most of the looser restored foreskins you have seen are pics taken just after removing a device from tugging. The skin will of course be looser then. KOT!!!


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      As stated, it comes down to adding enough slack so your skin lives past the tip most of the time so it can cool by about 1 degree which will trigger the skin to pucker.

      Avoid stretching your skin around anything wider than necessary and you'll be fine. When I started I used the Taped Canister Method for months. That was a wide thing to stretch my skin around, but if someone is starting with not enough slack for a tapeless device, wrapping the skin around that cylinder IS necessary (although T Tape tugs as well and doesn't involve a wide cylinder).
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