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  • Foreskin movement Video

    While in my on-line searches for foreskin info, and how it works and for those of us who needs more than an animation or written explanation I found a video on a porn site that has an amazing video that shows exactly how the foreskin would work inside while having intercourse.

    I am not sure where to post this link or if that is allowed.

    This video is 75 seconds long and it does involve ejaculation, however I don't see that as being a problem as the movement of the foreskin is what I am focused on. And I think maybe others would find it educational and informative for demonstration purposes while explaining what has been lost due to being Circumcised.

    How and where can I share this where it would be appropriate?

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    Hmmm. Maybe Foreskin For The Win section:
    -Ron Low
    847 414-1692 Chicago