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Tugging, boners, and pre-cum

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  • Tugging, boners, and pre-cum

    Hey all, I've known about tugging and been interested in it since I was probably about 12 or 13 - something about not having my foreskin always bugged me and I wanted it back before I was even old enough to know why. in the past I had tried to develop routines of manual tugging but couldn't ever maintain it. now, at 20, I've only recently started tugging using a TLC device and regular manual methods in the shower (for heat; not sure this helps but in my head it makes sense) and usually in bed before I sleep. now, I started at a solid CI-2 with (gratefully) enough skin to move around comfortably and never any issues with erections. I've always been able to enjoy a style of masturbating that uses the extra skin as a type of sling to roll over the head. after just a few days of using the device for about 8 hrs on and off during the day I've noticed some gained stretchiness and a shiny/pearly look to the skin of my shaft. while I'm sure the only reason I've noticed change is because of how early in the process I still am; that, and i would say I'm a rather stretchy and flexible guy. I've been doing yoga regularly for a while and I have a history of gymnastics and dance. not sure how much if at all this impacts restoration. I also keep myself very hydrated which is great for flexibility and skin health in general. in terms of appearance, my penis still looks the same but it *feels* different especially when I'm sitting in a way that allows the new extra skin to roll toward my glans, or of course, when I'm masturbating and I can feel the glide even more smoothly. something I have noticed is that if I get an erection or horny at all with the device on, when I take it off all of the precum I've excreted (I'm a heavy pre-cummer) is waiting behind the device and it just goops to the floor. anyone else notice this? not concerned about it, honestly I just find it kind of humorous. I wonder if this will lead to increased smegma when the tugging is "finished". any thoughts?
    anyway, I might create a progress gallery soon. really just wanted to say hi and open myself up. would love to chat with you guys about all of this so feel free to send me a message.
    best to all.

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    Welcome to the forms.

    First starting in your teens and now at 20 you are well ahead of the game. Usually it isin't until 30's to 40's that guys are wondering "what the hell is wrong down there"

    Being 20 and starting restoring gives you a lot of advantages. Quicker skin growth, for one. As far as pre-ejaculate its a common thing to find that. Even if not tugging, the darn thing has a mind of its own. Constantly moving from side to side, getting partially erect then going flaccid, and so on. The younger we are the more it happens. With all that movement and being in a device, we notice it while sitting, walking, driving and so on. So our minds are on it even when we are not thinking of it, kind of like someone with a prosthetic arm or leg.

    By the time you get to regularly using your device, I suspect you will be used to the feelings you are going thru and it will be as normal as any other activity so the pre-ejaculate should be at a minimum.

    I use the Tugger, and the DTR. and for some reason I notice more pre-ejaculate with the Tugger than I do the DTR. No idea why, but I do notice it.

    Smegma is the skin shedding of skin cells from under the foreskin. So I don't think pre-ejaculate plays a part either way, but maybe someone else can chime in who is closer to finishing their restoration.
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      Welcome to the message board! I would definitely encourage you to take pictures at regular times. It’s a great way to notice progress signs, I often only notice progress when making side by side comparisons. If you feel like sharing those that’s fine, if not it’s still worthwhile for yourself to keep track!

      I’m already in my 30’s and never noticed huge amounts of precum when removing my TLC-X, but I guess that’s also related to the fact that having the device on just feels so natural by now that I don’t often get aroused by it any more. At the start I would often get hard when wanting to put the device on, so often I would first “release the tension” first
      There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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        Hi Grape, welcome to restoration. As I have gotten older, (I'm 58 now and a CI7 or so) my experience is that erections still arrive when requested, but seldom show up unannounced and my pre-cum machine seems to be running full speed. It seems to depend on my mood and how long it has been since I last uhh relieved the tension. I wear a PUD and with my new inner foreskin sliding over my glans as I walk around, it causes a fun sensation that leads to even more precum production. Since I take the weight off to urinate, I just mop it up when I take a leak, but occasionally, the lubrication gets to be too much and it can cause a loss of adhesion at the gripper. It is a problem I am happy to have to deal with . As for smegma, it is a natural odor from the bacteria, skin cells, urine, pre cum, and what ever else accumulates in there. It is unrelated (IMHO) to the amount of precum and totally dependent on how frequently it gets flushed out. Like most, I shower daily and make it a point to wash out my new foreskin. That seems to keep odors under control. If I skip a shower though, it will let me know that it needs a wash.