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  • One month user, some questions

    I'm new, just having started a little over a month ago. First I wanted to thank Ron and the community here for the incredible resource this is. I feel like I'm standing on the shoulders of giants who have really paved the way and made things much easier for those that are coming up after you.

    I was cut typical american style tight C1 or thereabout. For the first week I taped the skin forward then I switched over to the TLC-X. At first I couldn't get the skin over the body with the pusher installed, so I removed the pusher and was just barely able to get enough skin on the body to hurriedly push the cone onto the skin to keep it in place. For the first week after that I lived in dread of it slipping of at inopportune moments. After that initial week I was able to get more and more skin to the point where it was easy to keep attached. After about a month, I'm now to the point where I can force the skin up to the top of the body and by the time I get the cone on I still have skin covering 70-80% of the body, losing some coverage between the time when I let go and the skin's retreat is arrested by the placement of the cone.

    I'm now to the point where I was wondering if I should add the pusher back into the mix? When I bought the TLC-X, I also bought the spacer set, so I was wondering would you typically only use the spacers or the nut or would they both be used? It seems like if you have enough spacers then the nut isn't that critical since I typically have considerable tension already built by tugging the skin up to the top of the cone. I can't actually push it down much after I have everything in place.

    I was hoping I could get some illumination on how people typically use this and proceed from where I currently find myself. Thanks again!

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    Nope. Keep going the way you are for another month or so until you can cover the entire tugger body with skin easily, Then put the pusher back in without any spacers. When you have exhausted the extension of the shortest rod, switch to the next one still without any spacer and keep tugging. Most guys need way more outer skin than inner and adding a spacer pulls more outer skin into the device cone where it is not getting tension. The time to add a spacer is when it becomes difficult to put on because of too much skin. Then you need a longer device body and that is what the spacers are for. Also to fine tune your scar position, but you got a long way to go before you need to worry about that. Once you have grown a lot of outer skin you can work on the inner skin with the pusher only, but outer skin growth NEEDS external tugging force. Tug away!


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      Thanks for the advice. So if I understand correctly:

      1) Stay with the tugger body and cone alone until the skin covers the tugger body easily (without much pressure?)
      2) Once I've achieved #1 I should add in the pusher and start using the tension nut. Use this until the initial short rod is too short for the tension nut.
      3) Once I've achieved #2 I should use a longer rod and tension nut.


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