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inner vs. outer foreskin

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  • inner vs. outer foreskin

    Can we talk a little about the difference between these two? I'm grateful to have a decent amount of my inner foreskin left and even parts of my frenulum. what I'm wanting to know is since I have this left, should I be focusing on growing outer skin? what methods are targeted directly for outer skin growth? will both inner and outer skin grow regardless?

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    Congratulations! You are fortunate to have a decent amount of inner skin. Some don't fare so well. Most guys need to grow way more outer skin than inner. So concentrate on outer skin for a while and when it has caught up to your inner skin you can work on both or just the inner. Outer skin growth requires the application of an external tugging force even when using a device. You can grow inner skin only with the pusher on a dual tension device. If using manual methods, #2 works best for outer only if you grip from the scar to the base. In any event you have plenty of time to fine tune things later on.


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      how do I know I'm targeting outer skin? how do I know when the outer skin has matched the inner? i guess I'm just curious on how to identify which parts will be where once I've been at this a while longer. does this make sense?


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        When you have grown enough outer skin your inner skin will be laid out flat against your glans (like it was designed to be) and your scar line will be at the very end of your new skin tube, flaccid of course. At this point it probably will not completely cover you glans, maybe 3/4. Then you will need to tug BOTH to gain more length with a slight bias on outer skin so that the final result has your scar line just inside the end of the skin tube. If you target inner skin LATER in your restoration this will position your scar line inside the device and it will NOT be trapped in the device cone, the scar line will be subjected to tension and over time it will spread out and fade and become barely visible.
        Have you actually studied the structure and function of a real foreskin? Doing so will help you visualize this. Remember, we are talking a 3"x 5" piece of lost skin doubled over on itself. THAT is a lot of skin!


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          In addition to what Parsecskin said, here is some information on anatomy:

          You will see that when flaccid, the typical situation is that the inner skin lies against the glans, and is covered by the outer skin. In other words, your glans is typically covered by a double layer of tissue, with inner skin on the inside and outer on the outside.

          You should grow inner and outer to meet your goal(s). For example, I want my foreskin to be as close to the typical situation as possible, so I am growing enough inner and outer so that when I am done, I will have inner on the inside, outer on the outside, and be completely covered almost all the time when flaccid.

          In your case, I would be tugging the outer, using methods that make it easy to focus tension on the outer skin. Common methods are manual, t-taping with a strap, and devices that are designed to pull the outer skin. You will know you are focusing on the outer skin when it is under tension. My experience is that the amount of tension is the key, use enough tension to grow skin, but not so much to cause pain and injury. You will probably have to experiment a bit to get that right.



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            With a general tugging routine over many years. I have employed canister and tape, weights, dual tension via Cat II 2Q and inflation. When I first achieved a reliable flaccid coverage my scar was inside my skin tube, further down than I would have wished. Once I started to use an inflation device, it quite quickly became apparent that the inner skin was being targeted and added to in such a way that my scar now sits along the edge of my skin tube, more "in than out". This is exactly the result I wanted as no scar shows on my flaccid coverage. I would advise anyone starting out just to tug, adjustments can be made once you have enough skin to work with.


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              Originally posted by sillygrape View Post
              how do I know I'm targeting outer skin? how do I know when the outer skin has matched the inner? i guess I'm just curious on how to identify which parts will be where once I've been at this a while longer. does this make sense?
              Are you able to pull the skin up over your glans? That'll give you an idea of which parts will end up where.

              In my experience, at first it was easy to underestimate the amount of inner foreskin needed to loosely cover the entire glans. Depending on how much you already have, you may eventually want to grow both, rather than just targeting outer skin.


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                I think you get to a point with manual tugging when you have grown enuf overhang that you will in fact stretch both inner and outer skin simultaneously.
                when you use a plunger type device it only works the inner. When you use a tugging device youre getting the inner and outer stretched (probably more outer)
                thats the beauty of manual tugging. It not only feels good but you can target specific areas. Ive gotten to where i manually stretch more than anything else.