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  • First week question

    I started manual tugging a week ago and have been doing it regularly since. I have a few questions. One, it seems that the darker skin below the scar line has developed some kind of wrinkly, smooth, dry crackly texture thats really small. Google salt flats texture thats what it looks like only on a much smaller scale. It also feels smooth and a bit powdery even though there is no powder. It doesnt hurt or anything but I wonder if this is normal. Thanks for your time!

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    Yep. 100% normal and expected. Wrinkles are good! They are an indication that you are doing it correctly. Hang on to your seat, you aint seen nothing yet. The wrinkles only become more numerous and bigger. Soon thereafter they will turn into large rolls and, BAM! One day a foreskin will be born, a d when you do have enough skin to stay covered, all those wrinkles will disapear. Keep at it!


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      The most important skin condition to be aware of is redness, which indicates irritation. If there is any redness then take a break as the skin is irritated and will not be able to enact mitosis of healthy skin cells. That's my understanding.

      I haven't experienced the type of skin condition you are concerned about, so can't offer any advice regarding that, but the information I have accessed says to be aware of redness, as I mentioned.

      My first month of restoring was full of new sensation experiences and encouraged me to continue. I didn't have enough skin for a device so used the T-tape method.

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        You can do it!

        If your skin doesn't feel sore, you can work on it. Don't get burned out, pace yourself.
        If your skin feels sore, wait a day or two before resuming.


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          It could just be dry skin. The surface of the penis, and everywhere else on your body, is covered by layers of dead skin cells. Tugging probably breaks up the outermost layers, eventually exfoliating them slightly, as there would be more surface area for dead cells to be sloughed away.