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  • No progress for over a year

    I am 17. been restoring since I was 14, so I have been restoring for approximately two and a half years. I made a little bit of progress during my first 6 months or so but for the last 2 ish years I have made absolutely no progress. I’ve been going back and forth between the TLC and the DTR. I have seen photo logs of people who are fully restored after this long- yet I am still far away from roll over. I’m trying to figure out what to try next. Any other devices you would recommend for someone for whom neither the TLC not DTR work?

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    The device is not going to make a difference, they all work the same. I would suggest experimenting with the amount of tension. Get that right and you should make progress.

    Although, in your case, you might be making progress that is canceled out by your sexual development, based upon your age. So that is something to consider.

    To experiment with tension you need to be able to do 2 things: 1) keep tension at a given amount every time you tug, and 2) observe progress. If you have some confidence that you can do both, then it is easy, if a bit tedious. Simply try a given amount of tension for a while. How long? long enough to observe progress. No progress? try a different amount of tension.

    Have you done that? If so, what results did you have, what issues did you find? If not, try it.



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      I just had a quick look at your previous posts, it looks like you have a fairly tight circ, that's always going to slow progress down significantly, this is one of those processes that could take another 5 years.
      Just stick with it, make it part of your routine and you WILL see results even if it is slow and tedious.