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The dtr and tlc-x isn’t enough

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    Originally posted by admin View Post

    New TLC Danglers are available now, but not listed at the web site yet. Here's a write-up about them.
    = = =
    If you like the idea of weighted tension, know that we can now make new TLC Danglers, a system of weights I've been using in bed that can also hang discreetly down your pants leg. The advantage compared to TLC Hangers (which attach right to the end of the device) is that the Danglers weight can bear over the edge of a chair and hang down to tug even when you're seated. Our set also includes a long lead and a pulley to help you tug up past your face while sleeping. The pulley guides the cord over or through or beside the headboard so the weights can dangle just above the floor and pull with constant gentle tension. Danglers aren't listed at our site yet but you could choose Hangers: and include a note in the box at checkout if you want us to sub the Danglers. See attached pics.

    Danglers Pricing:
    1 ounce $11.50
    2 ounce $12.25
    4 ounce $13.50
    8 ounce $16.00
    Short lead $6.00
    Long lead/pulley/S hook $15.50
    ALL of this above $72

    16 ounce $21.00

    Bedtime method:

    I apply the device to my penis. I lie back in bed. I point my penis toward my face. I clip a 5-foot long cord to my device. The cord runs over a pulley that is attached to the headboard and then the cord bears straight down. At the lower end of the cord weights are hooked to the cord dangling just above the floor.

    Everybody has their own sleeping arrangements. If your bed is low to the ground this dangling is not workable. It's ideal when there's a headboard that's not solid. Mine is basically like this one The pulley is fixed to the lower rail of the headboard by an S hook (included in our set). Some guys have to make themselves a 1-foot by 4-foot sheet of pegboard to hook the s-hook in. The pegboard could stand next to the bed (so you're sleeping at a bit of an angle toward the corner of the bed) or it stands between the mattress and headboard/wall. I'll have a video on this before I list the Danglers on the site.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	TLC-Danglers-Pulley.jpg Views:	30 Size:	51.4 KB ID:	35328Click image for larger version  Name:	TLC-Danglers-Lead.jpg Views:	30 Size:	51.0 KB ID:	35329Click image for larger version  Name:	TLC-Danglers-Weights.jpg Views:	30 Size:	57.5 KB ID:	35330

    Ron, I just sent you an email with a question regarding your canister product on the tlc tugger website. The canister with tape would be cheaper then the PUD and work better with the size genetics for tugging at night. You guys say that using tape is comfortable and doesn’t slip so that’s a win win.


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      Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
      using tape is comfortable and doesn’t slip
      Any method can get uncomfortable or start to work loose. In fact every device application would eventually work loose with enough time, tension, and jostling. The trick is to find a set-up whose inevitable release time is somewhere in the hypothetical future, beyond the time when you were going to remove it anyway.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago