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Interesting opinion on Urination with a Foreskin

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  • admin
    Originally posted by Reality View Post
    The above article encourages you to wash, keep it all clean. I'd suggest following that suggestion. Keeps you out of the doctor's office and/or ER, infecton, pain, and fever free. Not to mention, and ironically, basic hygiene allows your personal social presence acceptable, because we don't have to smell you (did you think we couldn't?)
    We wash for social - not health - reasons. Every mammal has had thousands and thousands of years to evolve without the benefit of soap.

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  • z726
    One thing that isn't mentioned: the contents of urine are affected by what you eat, drink, and breathe. While that usually only affects the odor, such as after you've eaten asparagus, other substances such as cigarette smoke can be potentially harmful in any residual urine left under the foreskin.

    Giving it a quick rinse in the shower is good advice for anyone.

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  • Reality
    "How you do it is your choice". Yes. But how you wash it isn't, so much.

    I have no intent to start that same old battle, but if you'll notice how the article is worded, it supports an assumption that men are "incapable" of maintaining basic hygiene, whereas here, on this site, I would call them resistant rather than incapable. This resistance is due to believing in internet social myth (not familiarity with fact, or innate ability). Soap is evil here, rather than necessary to maintain health, so much so, that nonsense substances are suggested in lieu of soap (lately it's been "coconut oil", rather than a simple pH neutral soap).

    And, obvious detritus (smegma, and urine) is fetishized with supernatural powers they don't actually have. The above article encourages you to wash, keep it all clean. I'd suggest following that suggestion. Keeps you out of the doctor's office and/or ER, infecton, pain, and fever free. Not to mention, and ironically, basic hygiene allows your personal social presence acceptable, because we don't have to smell you (did you think we couldn't?)

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  • WoodyHoody
    If I do not retract my regrown foreskin (skin tube) when I pee standing up, I will make a mess as I have no self-centering nozzle to act as a directional spout. When I am sitting down to take a pee, I do not retract because the feeling is delicious! Another one of life's pleasures that the circumcisers have stolen from us.

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  • Interesting opinion on Urination with a Foreskin

    There are no health issues involved in peeing with the foreskin retracted or non-retracted. Urine is not filth. It is simply a sterile fluid composed of water with some chemicals in it that are produced by metabolism in the body. Sterile urine flushes out the foreskin and keeps it clean. The interior of the foreskin and the glans penis are NOT covered with skin. They are covered with mucosal membrane, which should be kept moist. Being exposed to urine is NO problem whatsoever.

    Boys are born with non-retractable foreskin. Tehy pee through their non-retractable foreskins from the time they are born at least until their foreskin become retractable years later. If the end of the foreskin is narrow, there may be some harmless ballooning. There is no health hazard.

    Adult males with retractable foreskins have a choice. Some retract and some don’t. There is no right way and no wrong way.

    Some guys find they can aim better if they retract. Other guys find that they can pull their foreskins forward and use their foreskins as a nozzle with which to direct their stream.

    Some guys like to pinch the tip of their foreskin shut so that the pee balloons the foreskin. 

    Some guys enjoy the sensation of the pee running through the tip of the foreskin.

    I think that guys with full-length foreskins are more likely to pee through the skin without retracting it.

    I have a long foreskin, which is somewhat hard to retract and keep retracted so my choice is to pee through my foreskin. I find I can make a spout out of my foreskin by holding it just right.

    How you do it is your choice.
    Penile Hygiene

    + invertedOne of the main reasons why there can be such an adverse reaction to the foreskin is due to the issue of ‘Smegma’ (Greek = soap), which is the genital secretion that’s common to all mammals, both male and female, and is probably the most misunderstood and unjustifiably maligned and vilified substance produced by the human body. In females, smegma collects around the clitoris and in the folds of the labia minora, whilst in males, it collects underneath the foreskin or in the preputial space. It’s only in human males however that smegma seems to be SO offensive as to warrant circumcision to negate its existence. Smegma is made up of a combination of exfoliated epithelial cells, discharged skin oils and moisture and it’s been found to contain 26.6% fats and 13.3% proteins, which is consistent with epithelial debris. Newly produced smegma has a smooth, moist texture and is thought to be rich in squalene and contain prostatic and seminal secretions, desquamated epithelial cells, and the mucin content of the urethral glands of Littré. Smegma is an emollient which is benign, beneficial and necessary because it moisturizes the glans and keeps it smooth, soft, and supple. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties which keep the penis clean and healthy. There is NO evidence whatsoever to support the suggestion that smegma causes penile cancer.

    Smegma if allowed to grow stale can have a pungent aroma (commonly compared to cheese in males or fish in females)…the odour stemming from the bacterial breakdown of the oils. It is moist in its texture until it is allowed to accumulate, when it takes on a characteristic appearance, which can be best described as ‘cheesy’ or paste like and it can vary in color from almost white to a darker shade, depending on a person’s skin tone. Washing regularly with soap and water is the obvious solution to this natural process. Surely there has to be something seriously wrong and twisted if certain factions within the so called ‘civilized’ world find this natural bodily function so abhorrent and offensive as to circumcise foreskins to resolve the issue of smegma. Does anyone cut off the ears because they produce wax? Or cut off noses because they produce mucus? If girls and women can manage to deal with their genital hygiene, then surely boys and men can likewise be shown and taught how to manage their penile hygiene. This can be seen to be quite a sexist position to assume that males are ‘incapable’ of managing their bodies, specifically the cleanliness of their ‘nether’ regions. It is utterly preposterous that human males in the 21st century continue to have their foreskins cut off because of the ‘fear’ and seeming ‘neurosis’ concerning smegma, which is the product of the body’s normal functioning which can be simply washed off with soap and water.

    Researchers at the University of Manchester have discovered that the human foreskin has apocrine glands which are specialized glands that produce pheromones, nature’s chemical messengers. Even though many people find the odour of smegma offensive, there are some who are actually turned on by it. There may be pheromonal (sexual attractant) properties present in the smegma secretions. Research into body scents and sexual attraction have shown a correlation between facial attractiveness and an attractiveness of scent. However there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive research into pheromonal smells of sexual secretions and what their implications might be. Mammals are known to communicate with their scent and humans are no different. However, the seemingly ‘squeemishness’ and negativity that many people show towards strong or ‘offensive’ body odours, along with the trend to being over ‘sanitised’ and their need for ‘pleasant’ and non-offensive odours, then it’s very difficult to definitively place what, if any, the pheromonal role of smegma might actually be. This is one area that human sexual behaviourists ought to be doing some major definitive research on.

    The propaganda that smegma caused cervical cancer had been one reason used to advocate for male circumcision, but this argument was invalidated when in the 1970’s it was discovered that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was most likely to be the cause of cervical cancers. It has been known of women who specifically had their sons circumcised to ‘prevent’ them from causing cervical cancer to women. This was yet another false ‘myth’ attributed to the maligned foreskin, whereby many males had their foreskins severed because of this very reason.

    As far as penile hygiene is concerned, it may be worth mentioning that there are many intact men who urinate through their foreskins, that is, they don’t retract their foreskins when urinating and that the sensation of warm urine flowing past the foreskin produces rather pleasant sensations. Therefore, there is an inevitably small amount of urine which gets trapped in the preputial space. Some men wipe their penis after urinating, and others don’t. Additionally, if masturbation and / or sexual intercourse is occurring there may also be semen which is likewise trapped in the preputial space. If daily penile hygiene isn’t being practiced, then the combination of urine, semen and smegma, can most likely become an aromatic challenge, particularly if there is a partner involved. Ideally, washing underneath the foreskin on a daily basis is the most obvious way of managing the hygiene of an intact penis. This is common sense, but there are men and boys who have never been shown or taught how to maintain the hygiene of their genitals. If there is a partner involved, it is a sign of respect and courtesy to ensure that the penis does not get to the stage whereby it’s emitting strong aromas, but it depends on the partner, as this may well be okay with them. Penile hygiene is a sensible and simple process and it should NOT be a reason to cut off foreskins.