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For Those of You Past "The Hump"...

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  • For Those of You Past "The Hump"...

    For those of you who have made it past "the hump", roughly how long did it take? My first couple of years of restoration yielded great results but I have now been stuck in this stage for another couple of years. I have a lot of skin that bunches behind the corona but it rarely rolls past. In terms of how much skin I have, when it is cold and the end of the foreskin tightens I can keep my penis covered for about an hour. My profile picture was taken many months ago and is a testament to how much skin I have but yet I never stay covered. Thoughts?
    Check out my restoration progress gallery here!

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    GROW MORE! Remember, you need to grow 15 square inches of skin or more. That is a lot! KOT.


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      I retain 24/7 unless im peeing, screwing, or bathing. I think that has trained the excess skin to roll over on itself and my glans


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        The "hump" you refer to is less a physical thing, and more a mental thing. Just keep tugging, tug your way through any plateau you seem to be in. To the extent that this works, it's a physicl thing (as in tugging gives you a response from your tissues), and to the extent that it "seems" to slow down, it's a perception, a mental thing, only what seems to be happening.

        How long did a plateau last for me? Not that long because I changed my method when it seemed that I reached a platuear (went back to manual), and I seen saw more shaft wrinkles (the prime indicator of results). And by the way, no one can "train" skin to do something, ie take a shape or stay in one area, or whatever. This is an old restoration myth. It just can't happen.


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          I guess I'm just being impatient. Also, I don't retain when not tugging.
          Check out my restoration progress gallery here!


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            I never retained. I never really noticed a sudden change in staying covered. It was a gradual change. From no coverage, to partial coverage on occasion, to partial coverage a lot of the time, with full coverage under some conditions, to partial coverage most of the time with full coverage more often that in the past, etc.

            Keep in mind that the shape of our glans tends to prevent the skin form draping over it and staying. As has been said, keep on tugging. You will get there.



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              It sucks because while you can have a ton of skin, your size and skin fluctuate constantly. Coverage has a lot of variables, but we all end up needing more than "enough". Your progress is great though!


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                Originally posted by Reality View Post
                no one can "train" skin to do something, ie take a shape or stay in one area
                Of course it is theoretically possible to control the shape of the skin tube we grow. If we could target a specific zone of skin to never get any tension then it won't expand. So like a tailored garment that has some panel made smaller to affect the fit and drape of it, the skin tube could take a shape if skin regions are selectively expanded or not expanded.
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