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Phimosis and worries about continuing foreskin restoration (Part 2)

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  • Phimosis and worries about continuing foreskin restoration (Part 2)


    I have been cut between 3-7 years, though im not sure but i think it was because i had Phimosis. I have been restoring my foreskin with TLC tugger for 1,5 year now and had like 1,5 year break to this point when i want to continue my restoration. I read forums again to update myself with info and i found some things that worry me. My end goal is to have cock head half covered when in flaccid state.

    Is it still safe to continue foreskin restoration? Could phimosis come back because of it?

    Thank you for taking time reading this and i hope someone can help me clear this things out.

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    I have never heard anyone say that their phimosis came back due to restoring. It makes a lot of sense that it would not come back, because the parts of your foreskin that caused the phimosis were amputated and you cannot grow them back. Nothing to worry about. I have not given it a thought.

    Yes, it is safe to restore. Just use common sense. If it hurts, stop doing it. If it gets injured, typically a minor skin tear, give it time to heal. Tugging should not hurt, if it does, change what you are doing so it does not hurt.

    We are using tension to trigger our skin to grow, same as someone getting fatter, or a person enlarging their body piercings. Go slow and ease into it.