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Are those scars/damage or skin wrinkles/folds?

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  • Are those scars/damage or skin wrinkles/folds?

    Hello i noticed one more thing on my shaft i hope it is wrinkle and not a scar some damage? If you see on pics at base of the shaft, it is slightly colored red. It can be from cock folding at certain angles in my boxers? I noticed it is not so visible in morning when i wake up. Note that i havent been restoring for about over a year now. Thanks for all the help.
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    Here are some more pics
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      Well, I am only seeing things that look like wrinkles to me. I suggest not worrying about them. Or, you could see a doctor if you think there is something other than wrinkles, and photos do not quite get across what you are dealing with.



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        They look like normal skin creases similar to what you would find on your neck or inner elbow rather than the result of damage. Just my opinion though.


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          I have to agree with Greg and Martyn, Looks like normal skin folding lines.

          Because we have gotten used to seeing our shaft skin a certain way, because of being circumcised, anything out of that so-called "norm" -- we aren't familiar with what penile shaft looks like when there is the skin there is supposed to be.

          Everything looks good... KOT!
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