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Can foreskin restoration cause damage?

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  • Can foreskin restoration cause damage?

    I've tried it for a week (months ago) and I feel like my penis has never been the same ever since.

    When you pull the skin, the shaft of the penis is squashed by the skin tube you're pulling (while you're holding the skin up, the shaft is thinner than it is naturally). Well, I think that this compression on the shaft can damage the erectile tissues inside the shaft.

    I feel like my erections are softer than before and harder to maintain. And, you know that little jump your penis does when you're doing a kegel movement (when you're contracting your bladder)? Well, it barely works anymore.
    Someone in the old forum had the same problems as mine after restoring for a couple of weeks.

    I'm not telling anyone to stop, but please be careful. Maybe pulling one side and THEN the other would prevent that "skin tube squashing the shaft" effect.
    All the best!

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    Have you seen a doctor? I have trouble envisioning a scenario where pulling the skin away form your body could possibly cause damage to erectile tissue. Erectile tissue is held and highly compressed by the specialized connective tissue sleeve it has surrounding it. In addition, it is subject to rather high forces trying to bend it during sex and masturbation. I do not think it is plausible that pulling the skin, as you have described, would be any worse, or any more likely to cause damage, rather less likely I think.

    On the other hand, I find it reasonable that as you get more skin, you may perceive your erection as not as hard as it was before, especially if your erection was being held back by too little foreskin to accommodate it. That would make a lot of sense, and something that I have noticed as well. To me that is a good thing.

    Or, I could envision that you have some other condition that is causing a loss of libido, or loss of erectile function, which is where a doctor could help you sort things out.

    I agree we should all be careful, first do no harm. But I think warnings that are not carefully diagnosed can do harm to, so I urge caution in leaping to conclusions like this. We have a large body of evidence that restoration is quite safe and yields long term benefits that are quite high.



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      If the amount of compression exerted on the erectile tissue by pulling on shaft skin is anything more than negligible, I'd be surprised. The penis simply isn't that fragile. I already have over 2500 hours of device tugging under my belt and I do not find your hypothesis credible.
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        Hey guys, thank you for your comments. I've tried that method again yesterday and I can really tell my shaft doesn't like that. The area remained a bit uncomfortable for hours.
        From now on, I'm definitely pulling one side of the skin at a time. With that method, the skin tube no longer "squeezes" the shaft.


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          Lets hope it is just a phase where you may have over stretched it & it is not from over tensioning the skin severely or crimping to a point where circulation is completely cut off.
          The Notch plates are the way to go. 10/10. Color of frenulum should always be good for circulation - It should never be completely WHITE or BLUE/BLACK at any stage after a stretch?

          This a slow progress routine and not something one can stretch crazy with extreme tension and expect any results.
          Also there is a strange stage in the restoration process where you go from uncovered to partial coverage and it seems less sensitive, until much more skin is further grown, then it is more sensitive than what one starts out with by a long shot - including the whole function is changed, at 4 months it is very unlikely you are near this stage.

          I'm surprised this could happen, but anything is possible if some abnormalities are present. The sensitive part of the frenulum is like a lump in the skin, stretching mine over the years has only enlarged the area and functions better.
          The reason is for those lucky to have part of their frenulum remnant is usually much smaller due to circumcision taking part of it and the veins supplying blood to it from the body side, means it may never develop / grow normally Restoration helps to enlarge it.

          Luckly it's nerves run to the front and then back (As otherwise it would be completely desensitized like some unlucky dudes whole had their entire frenum either burnt off or excised by their butcher in an attempt to make it smooth and visually pretty - with a removed g spot). Some whole guys also are born without a frenum, but this would be rare.

          Hope it only a temporary thing also could also be mood thing as our brains can and do compensate alot for the alterations done on the physical side to us


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            The erectile tissue is entirely surrounded by the tunica albuginea, a fibrous sheath thick enough to easily withstand the high amount of blood pressure in the corpus cavernosum during erection. This sheath is itself surrounded by a level of deep fascia, and the skin covers that. There's a simple diagram here:

            Tugging on the skin wouldn't really affect the erectile chambers in any way. Otherwise, we'd all have irreparably damaged our penises in our teenage years.


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              update: I've been diagnosed with a Peyronie's plaque. I can't think of any other reason than the months spent pulling on my skin 20 minutes a day. I won't debate. Just warning everyone here.


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                Janno - as far as I know Peyronies contracture is often associated with age and with the likes of Viking finger - Dupuytren's contracture. And it's mostly genetic.


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                  Originally posted by greg_b View Post

                  On the other hand, I find it reasonable that as you get more skin, you may perceive your erection as not as hard as it was before, especially if your erection was being held back by too little foreskin to accommodate it. That would make a lot of sense, and something that I have noticed as well. To me that is a good thing.

                  I’ve noticed the same thing as what Greg describes here, but I can imagine that in case you were very unlucky in the way you got circumcised (very tight, very uneven) you might need to be extra careful when trying to restore. In such cases, I believe manual methods will always be the safest. Hope you’ll find a solution for the problems you’re having now, and that at some point you’ll be able to also find a safe way to restore that would work for you. Good luck!
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