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Minor injury stinging sensation

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  • Minor injury stinging sensation

    I was using a bit too much tension the other day and received some type of common minor injury. I’ve had it before but I don’t know what it is exactly. The left side of my foreskin has a kind of burning or stinging sensation if you will. I’m not sure if it’s an abrasion or minor tear?

    There’s no sign of any harm but I feel it if I use tension. I’m using the tlc-x by itself just to keep things retained and let it heal. Does anyone know exactly what type of injury this is?

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    Well, it's the kind of injury that comes from using too much tension. Whether it means skin tears or some other damage, you're gonna want to take a few days off from tugging until it heals.

    If you can feel it, then there certainly is some sign of harm. Slight damage isn't always visible to the naked eye.