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No skin on underside of shaft?

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  • No skin on underside of shaft?

    When I pull my foreskin up over the head, the top and sides can be covered by the skin but the bottom has very little skin and just ends up pulling the scrotum skin up and over. It’s like there isn’t any "extra" skin there at all. What can I do about this? I’ve tried the canister device but there isn’t even skin all around so I end up taping to some of my balls and I feel like it’s not doing anything on that side. I’m referring to the ventral skin.

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    Sounds like a job for manual tugging, so you can target the ventral skin. That is the hardest bit to restore even if you're not cut overly tight because of what you described... the loose scrotum prevents devices from providing good tension in that area. With manual tugging (especially method 2) your one hand can hold the balls back while the other tugs to get good tension on the ventral skin,


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      Manual is the go to method for growing skin when things are uneven and need to be adjusted. Taping can work as well, but not all taping methods are easy to use to target specific areas. Here is one method that allowed me to target specific areas:

      You could potentially use it for your situation, I think, though I am not completely sure I understand your situation. Photos would help.



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        To restrain the underside (ventral) skin when you tug (assuming you can affix a taped or tapeless device), you could:
        - Use around-the-waist strapping. The other end of the strap clips to a bandanna looped over the base of the penis. The bandanna limits skin displacement somewhat.
        - Use a traction rig as your source of tension. The rig encircles the base and limits scrotal and pubic skin mobility.
        - Tug UPWARD over the shoulder when you get the chance. Many guys exploit their sleep hours. I use a spare pillow under my knees to help me avoid flopping around so I can stay flat on my back for consistent tension.
        - Tug downward toward the knee, routing the shaft OVER the waistband of your underwear. Some trial and error will help you find the right fit and style to use for comfort, as this post https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...1742#post11742 illustrates.
        -Ron Low
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          Since the scrotal skin bears some of the tension, I simply in increase the tension of my TLC tugger so that my underside penile skin is given the same amount of tension as another side would get. I do this instead of using tape/weights/cockrings to isolate the ventral skin. Is this a good idea or is there a better way of doing things?

          I tug upwards over the shoulder as you mentioned.


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            I would just T-tape directly on your scar line and just tug with a strap. You will just tension that skin at the bottom until it starts pulling all your skin evenly. You should be pulling only on the inner skin from the t-tapes towards the glans.

            I actually have the same issue but with less skin at the top. So right now I'm just tugging on the top of the skin even though I applied T-tapes over the whole shaft.