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Stimulating skin / cell growth with red light irradiation on human skin (acc. study)

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  • Stimulating skin / cell growth with red light irradiation on human skin (acc. study)

    Dear all,

    Today I found this post about stimulated skin growth through red light:

    It refers to an acc. study from 2012:

    I have never heard before about that - is here anyone who has tried it / own eperience regarding that topic?

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    Thanks for the links. It is an interesting study, but was done in a cell culture, so how practical that might be for us is hard for me to say. Maybe Reality could comment.



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      I wondered when this would show up.

      What we as restorers do is expand skin, the only way that Science knows how to expand skin, which is applying tension to that skin. Of course what we ALSO seem to do is hope for some magic bullet to make this whole thing faster somehow. There isn't one.

      Expanding skin (with tension) would always be the default method Science would use in the clinical realm, as it has been thus far. Expanding skin (with tension) works, not because of some outside stuff or method, but because the "science", the "magic bullet" is already present IN your skin's response and physiology (or it wouldn't work for us, either). That "magic" method is the internal "program" your skin has. That program is what Science relies on to gain more new skin in the clinic area (surgery centers, hospitals, etc), not anything else thus far.

      And, there are warnings about using the light methods at home, so you would have to not only acquire the tech, you would have to familiarize yourself with ALL the aspects of what they actually do, vs what you want to do with this tech. I'm calling it a "method" generically, not as a restoration method. It has never been used for this, so the outcome for us is unknown, but we can make an informed guess: our tissues block that light with the dead cells lying on top of the skin, and that light does NOT exert a force strong enough to cause the deformation of skin necessary to stimulate that built-in response from skin.

      And last, but not least, the experimental use of red light has been for wound HEALING. Skin expansion has nothing to do with wound healing, so why would anyone make the jump from wound healing to skin expansion? You would have to misunderstand, or be ignorant of, the expansion process.


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        But here's the thing: I obvIously haven't tried this "method", so will it work? I'd say: no, based on the above. Does that mean much? Well, YOU try it and tell us what happened. Just be safe.