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About scarry tissue inbetween the remains of inner skin

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  • About scarry tissue inbetween the remains of inner skin

    Hi guys,

    after taking a break from tugging for some time for personal reasons I've picked it up again and I have one question.

    I was unfortunately cut really really tight meaning I have very little remaining inner skin on especially the dorsal side, and for some reason there is scarry tissue inbetween those remains.
    It feels a little bit like minor skin bridges on top of the actual remaining inner skin without being actual bridges.

    This has the effect that when tugging the inner skin no matter with which technique it puts stress mostly on those two areas seen on the pictures and the area where they adhere to the glans (I apologize for the somewhat poor quality).

    Does anyone have experience with this? With manual and TLC X I've already seen some progress over the months I've been using them, but I do hope this scarry tissue doesnt actually limit my ability to grow inner skin too much.


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    I know it might be hard to get an perfectly focused closeup photo of your own penis, but it doesn't look like there's any scar tissue. The inner foreskin does have an uneven surface, but I'm guessing that it comes from years of being stretched out due to being tightly circumcised.

    Keep tugging, and see how it goes. While some restorers with little remaining inner foreskin might prefer just to develop a ton of shaft skin, it's still possible to expand what inner skin you have left.


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      Those do look troublesome. Perhaps if you keep tugging, the tight/scarred bits will even out with the rest of the skin eventually. That's what I would try.


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        To me, your inner foreskin remnant looks completely normal. The dorsal inner foreskin (whether cut or intact) nearest the glans in naturally somewhat bumpy and irregular -it would be odd if it wasn't.