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Developed balanitis from restoration

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  • Developed balanitis from restoration

    I developed a case of Balanitis and just found out what it was today. Part of my glans is red and looks exactly like the balanitis images. My shaft skin is also very rough and dry which may be balanitis aswell but I’m not sure.

    I’m thinking the balanitis on the glans is due to staying 2-3 days at a time in the device and the urine and bacteria caused it.

    The dry shaft skin I’m on sure. It could be from the stretching in general or it could be that I’m having a reaction to the sports tape. Or it could even be balanitis on shaft skin as well.

    This caused me to not to restoration until I get my skin in order. I’m going to use a good hydrocortisone today to help it.

    Has anyone experienced this before? How do you prevent it from happening. I was keeping everything fairly clean. Boiling my device in hot water when I took it off so it’s strange that this would occur.

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    Trinim57, I have, during my years of tugging, occasionally developed balanitis, alhough it has been extremely rare, so much so to the point that I have never been able to identify or even guess what might have caused it.

    My experience is that after applying ointment to my glans, (in my case a very mild athlete's foot remedy), the balanitis has gone away and I have resumed restoring.

    If anyone else on the board has had more frequent balanatis, to the point of being able to accurately determine what could have caused it, I would welcome their responses, as I am sure you would, too.

    I'm glad that in my case it has been rare, but if there is anything I should do, or not do, to prevent such rare occurances, I would want to know what other FRs have learned from their experiences.


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      Balanitis is actually an infection of the glans (not glands) that could require treatment. If you think you might have it, see a doctor; depending on the nature of the infection (fungal, bacterial, lichen, or whatever else), there are different types of medication that might be prescribed. It's not really something that can be self-diagnosed.

      If you think it's just irritation caused by friction from tape or a device, then it should go away on its own. All you'd need to do is figure out what's causing the problem, and avoid doing that again.