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Homemade DTR device!

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  • Homemade DTR device!

    When I discovered restoration I started only using manual method 2. But it was really hard for me to remember to do it and often I would just forget. I really wanted a device but I wanted to make one so I would have complete control over the design. I got two pieces of pvc pipe from Lowe’s that fit inside each other. The first piece is a connector that would connect two pipes together, and it is over an inch long and an inch wide. I used a dremal tool around the outside edges to make a smooth surface for your skin. The second piece is around a half inch wide and several inches long. I attach the skin like you would with the canister device, using tape. Homemade pusher out of a bottle cap filled with soft glue. The pusher goes on the end of the small long pipe. Small holes are drilled ever few centimeters along the small pipe on either side that line up. One hole on top of canister. You need a paperclip/ thin metal rod or toothpick to go through the holes and hold it in place.

    the small long pipe with pusher goes into the big main canister. Then you put your penis head into the canister so it hits the pusher. Put a layer of tape facing sticky side out on the bottom of the canister where your skin will be. Pull/roll skin up on to tape, then apply another tape ring to top of skin/surface of canister. Once it is secure, push the long pipe down into your penis/head to create tension. Once you find a setting you like, put the paper clip through the holes that line up. Now you are done!

    I will add some images later once I can take some nice ones to show off how it works better.

    also if you need a diy retainer/glans cover use a medicine measuring cap.

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    There is a photo.